Friday, December 28, 2018

The Christmas Season Recapped

I worked on this post throughout the month of December, primarily on days when I didn't feel all that Christmasy, interestingly enough. When overwhelmed, frustrated, or agitated, I opened my computer and found my way to this post...where I had every intention of sharing - and therefore needed to focus on - the festive, the celebratory, the good. Writing here never failed to lift my spirits and remind me what this season is all about.

~ Though not necessarily related to the holidays, I feel it important to acknowledge that included in December's "good" were Will's soccer team's first place finish in the South Hampton Cup and second place finish in the Cavalry Stampede 3V3 tournament, my new washer and dryer, and my new power washer.

~ We remembered to move Chris...almost every evening. Thinking he was trapped (he was hanging from a magnetic chip clip stuck to the freezer), Hallie panicked the one time we forgot to move him. Together she and Tom devised a plan to safely free Chris from captivity, and that night he was able to return to the North Pole and report to Santa.
"Trapped" on the refrigerator, but
ready for his impending fall to the floor.
Safely resting on the dish towel.
Safely moving from the kitchen to the office.
Safely out of the way in the office, waiting for
the end of the day to return to the North Pole. 
~ We enjoyed a wide variety of musical, theatrical, dance, and cultural events, including the Houston Ballet's Jubilee of Dance, CSISD's holiday orchestra concert, Ballet Brazos' production of The Nutcracker, Suzanne's School of Dance Christmas at the Lake, SFLP Preschool's Christmas Musical Program, Madison Ballet's production of The Nutcracker, and multiple theater and Netflix holiday movies.
Mini Company at Christmas at the Lake.
Tom and me at Christmas at the Lake
Attempting to stay warm while watching our girls dance...
...these helped!
Madison Ballet's The Nutcracker.
~ We held our second annual Christmas Lights and Cookies among Central Park's light displays; went caroling with Hallie's Student Council; made gifts and ornaments at Board and Brush; celebrated - and exchanged gifts - with friends at school, friend, and dance parties; and toured the College Station homes most elaborately lit with lights, hot chocolate and cookies in hand.
Our kid crew at the lights.
The little-ish girls.
The little boys.
The big girls.
The big boys.
The moms.
The caroling crowd (at our house).
Making ornaments.
School celebrations.
Dance celebrations.
Headed out to enjoy the lights!
~ In Madison we celebrated Lily's birthday and Christmas, wearing matching outfits most of the time. We also enjoyed the lights, rode the merry-go-round, and visited with Santa at the Henry Vilas Zoo's annual Zoo Lights festival.
Happy birthday, Lily!
Neighborhood "kids" and their kids.
Yeti jammies.
The one and only genuine original family band.
Dance party!
Matching girlies.
Matching boys.
Zoo Lights!
All smiles.
Riding the merry-go-round.
Ready for the Nutcracker battle scene.
Santa! We know him! (While my bro-in-law waited for the kids to
talk to Santa, he stood outside the room and repeatedly knocked on the
glass while pointing to Santa and mouthing "I know him!!!" whenever
anyone - strangers included - looked his way. It was hysterical.)
Christmas morning!
~ Last but not least, I baked:
  • Six dozen miniature M&M cookies
  • Four dozen dark chocolate chip red velvet cookies
  • Four dozen glazed cream cheese sugar cookies
  • Two dozen orange Fanta cupcakes (with orange Fanta creamsicle frosting)
  • Four dozen cowboy cookies
  • 12 dozen gingersnap cookies
  • Two pans of brownies
  • One pumpkin pie
  • One cherry pie
  • One red velvet cake

Despite the challenges I've had with Chasing Roots these last few months, I am tremendously grateful to have the time and ability to process my feelings through my fingers, for the readers who visit this space, and for the growth that occurs and the relationships that are built and strengthened here. Thanks for being a part of it all this December!

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