Friday, December 14, 2018

High Five for...The Nutcracker

After months of preparation and a crazy week leading up to the two shows, we survived our fourth production of Ballet Brazos' The Nutcracker. (The arrival of the late GHWB and his family in College Station, while monumental and extraordinary, threw more than one wrench into the tech and dress rehearsal schedules. Oh, and so did the 24-hour torrential downpour we had to slog through multiple times during the rescheduled tech and dress rehearsals.)

Ballet Brazos began in 2012 with the mission to "instruct, educate, and enrich young people and their audiences through the art of dance and provide quality classical ballet performances for the community". These performances "showcase local talent, cultivate an appreciation for the arts, and inspire the next generation of dancers". Collaborative efforts since Ballet Brazos' inception have contributed to the nonprofit organization's significant growth both in size and prestige.

In this year's seventh annual production of The Nutcracker, Ballet Brazos welcomed professional dancers from the New York City Ballet, guest artists from across the country, and pre-professional ballerinas ranging in age from six to 18 from across the Brazos Valley. The professional dancers and guest artists turned in stunning performances as I expected they would, and the pre-professional dancers demonstrated their natural talent as well just how hard they have worked throughout the last four months in preparation for taking the stage. Combine the exceptional dancing with beautiful sets, stunning costumes, and a world-class stage and you have a spectacular show, one of which Ballet Brazos, the dancers, and the community can be proud.

I don't rave about Ballet Brazos' The Nutcracker because Hallie just danced for the fourth time, or because Tom crushed it in his first role as "master of sleigh lights", or because I have a vested interest in the success of the show. I rave about Ballet Brazos' The Nutcracker as someone who, as of five years ago, couldn't stand to watch ballet (true story) but who has come around because the production is just that good. I feel incredibly lucky to live in a community that can support a ballet-focused nonprofit organization as well as two nearly sold-out shows in a 2,500-seat auditorium.

We don't have any professional pictures of the shows yet, but here's a glimpse into the fun we had...and why we'll do it all again next year.
Their annual pre-show buddy pic.
Hallie Claire - ready for tech rehearsal!
Nutcracker Moms - ready for dress rehearsal!
She can now do her own mascara and I just have
to "touch her up" - what a world of difference this
development makes in our getting ready process!
So. Much. Red. Lipstick.
We love a good cinnamon roll! Er, bun.
Here we go! (I didn't know we were making funny faces.)
Hallie, Kara, and Kaylee on show day.
Hallie and some of her fellow angels.
Hallie and Caris
Avery and Hallie
Tom and Mandi, after they finished lighting the sleigh.
So proud of his creation! (And he deserves
should be - it looked amazing on stage!)
See you in 2019, Uncle Drosselmeyer!

For those of you who've followed Chasing Roots for a while and are therefore probably wondering, yes, the tradition of Will bringing flowers to his sweet girl continued. 

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