Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Hot Fun in the Summertime

School wrapped last Thursday afternoon, and we started celebrating - with our annual Summer Kick-Off Party for mama and kid friends - within an hour of the final bell. On Friday morning we left for a three-day family and soccer team adventure to San Antonio, and on Monday morning we hit the ground running once again, this time with track camp, swimming lessons, dance intensives, and garage sale preparation.
Last day of 3rd grade! (Tired much?)
Last day of fifth grade! (He also looks half
asleep - these last couple of weeks were rough!)
The Littles off to their last day.
The Bigs off to their last day.
After round one of summer baskets (we had two rounds this year
since intermediate school lets out 45 minutes after elementary
school), the girls modeled their mermaid flippers.
Round two with their baskets and under our balloon wall.
Mamas celebrating the start of summer vacation!
School's out for summer!

But in just a few days our schedule will lighten and our pace will slow...just as they should in summer. Here's what I'm looking forward to the most - my usual list - between now and the middle of August:
  • Waking up without an alarm clock.
  • Visiting our families in Wisconsin and Illinois.
  • Swimming, boating, movies, bowling, miniature golf, campfires, the 19th hole, farmers markets, ice cream trucks, live music, cold beer, and date nights.
  • Boredom.
  • Available tables at my coffee shops and shorter wait times at our favorite restaurants.
  • Fewer cars on the road and available parking spots downtown.

Things I'm not looking forward to this summer:
  • Mosquitoes.
  • And, you know, the heat. Some things never change.

I gave up on summer bucket lists a few years back, but there are a few things - beyond the usuals listed above and unique to this summer - I'd like to try if our schedule allows:
  • Teach the kids to cook something new.
  • Make homemade sorbet with Will.
  • Plant and grow herbs with Hallie.
  • Set up checking accounts for the kids.
  • Take the kids to see Incredibles 2 and Hotel Transylvania 3.
  • Take Tom and maybe Will to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Ocean's 8 (all three of us love heist movies).
  • Visit Lambeau Field and Bay Beach in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

What are you looking forward to - and what could you do without - this summer?

Looking for a little guidance when it comes to surviving - and loving - summer with your kids? Check out my Mama Bear Summer Survival Guide on the Mama Bear Dares blog!

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