Friday, June 15, 2018

High Five for Friday (6.15.18)

Last Thursday I took Will and Hallie to Family Swim Night at one of our local swimming pools. This special event didn't start until 7:30pm so we had a little trouble rallying post-dinner and around the time we would usually be putting on pajamas and getting ready for bed, but we made it happen and ended up having a great time. I enjoyed a couple of trips down the slide and managed to impress the kids with my dives (the ability to go in headfirst, keep my legs together, and point my toes was all it took) and crush Will in a swimming race. He may be MUCH faster than me on land, but I still have him beat in the water. Nighttime swimming might become a regular summer activity for us!
Yes, this is the best of the many photos we took.

Hallie shocked me by crushing - in more ways than one - her first true dance intensive. Every afternoon she came home tired and sore, but she never complained nor did she ask to skip a day...both of which I fully expected to hear at some point. By the end of the week and under the guidance of two exceptional teachers, Hallie had studied five genres, learned four dances, improved her technique, stretched her physical and emotional comfort zones, made new friends and strengthened existing relationships, and connected with God through devotional, worship, and prayer.

On Friday night, Hallie went on a sleepover so Will and I had ourselves a little date. We started at Toys'R'Us to pick out a birthday present for a friend, and while there he decided - after a great deal of hemming and hawing - to purchase himself a Nerf gun he'd had his eye on for a while. Next we popped over to Academy to pick him out a pair of shorts and take a few swings on their indoor putting green, and then we went to see Ocean's 8 in the theater. Finally and back at home, we shared a Sprite Zero and watched Coco on Netflix. He told me multiple times throughout the evening how much fun he was having, and how much he enjoyed spending time with me; I couldn't have said it better myself, sweet boy. Father Time, you simply MUST slow down...

Tom is fishing in Canada, so for the last nine nights the kids have slept...all over the place. I enjoy these "sleepovers", but my favorite part about this arrangement is watching Tux try to find where Will has settled down and then curl up to sleep with him in that location. It doesn't matter where Will goes, Tux eventually follows. (These were all taken on different days/nights.)

Happiness Highlights
Exactly 12 months have passed - they're still rockin' the
same coordinating swimsuits at summer swim lessons. 
Loving track camp!
Tom and his dad, resting up in Nebraska
before their epic fishing trip to Canada.
This pic resurfaced this week. 😍 
In preparation for the arrival of Hallie's new (and
bigger) desk, we turned the art corner in our family/
music/play room into a dance corner. It's tight, but
she's thrilled to have a place for her barre to live.
Loved celebrating this sweet girl's 11th birthday with a pool
party and Kit Kat cupcakes (which melted into puddles of
chocolate, wafer, and buttercream frosting within minutes). 
This star rocked her dance recital last weekend! 
The unicorn bought herself a narwhal.

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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