Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Cool Finds

This compilation of fun and interesting articles, videos, and pictures (along with a little extra sleep and a couple of slower days) helped lift me out of my summer slump. Enjoy!

This floating trash bin - called a seabin - filters garbage out of oceans, lakes, rivers, and marinas by creating a flow of water into the bin, trapping the trash, and pumping the debris-free water back out.
Watching this woman make rain boots by hand is strangely mesmerizing .

Everybody loves a comeback, especially one with ties to a 1990s childhood.

Watching the Try Guys try ballet takes me back to parent participation week at dance. They look much better wearing tights and a leotard than I do though...

These pictures - some of the best from the 2017 Siena International Photo Awards - offer a stunning glimpse into life throughout the world.

I loved listening to and watching the incredible life story of this 96-year-old Park Ranger.

I hope to one day see the tarmac dancer live in action.

This cow is Hallie's kindred spirit.

The simplest acts of kindness make the biggest difference. 

This ASL interpreter working a hip hop concert is one of the coolest things you'll see today.

Deep thoughts...the shower edition. (Don't worry, they're clean.)

Feeling better? Now on with summer vacation!

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