Friday, June 8, 2018

High Five for Friday (6.8.18)

As I mentioned on Wednesday, summer started off with a bang. Our kick-off party - the kids' summer baskets followed by cookie cake and a trip to the pool with friends - went swimmingly, and we had a great time on our mini-vacation to San Antonio.

When we returned home from our two-and-a-half days of travel we discovered that Tux had vomited only once and had used (as I had hoped he would) the "sacrificial lamb" bathmat as his indoor restroom. It sounds strange, but that's a win in my book!

Long story short, Tux 1) prefers to use the restroom outside and 2) does not like it when we leave him for longer than a day. So when we travel, he takes out his anger with us - over not being able to go outside whenever he pleases and missing Will - by peeing and pooping all over many things inside the house. The success of our trips depend at least in part on how many articles of clothing, bags, towels,   bathmats, throw pillows, etc. we have to throw away upon our return.

Tom will be out of town on Father's Day, so we celebrated early this year. We gave him polarized prescription sunglasses, waterproof socks, and a bag of Twizzlers...pretty much everything you need when fishing in Canada!

Just when I think I've seen it all, Texas surprises me with something fun like two horses and their riders cruising through the "drive" thru at (an in-town) McDonald's. This encounter was, without a doubt, one of the highlights of my week.

Happiness Highlights
It took two full weeks, but we finally finished this (surprisingly
challenging) puzzle...and I got my living room coffee table back!
My mom used to collect and mail us the Super Quizzes
from her newspaper...last week we realized she can take
pictures and text them to me instead. We LOVE doing
these quizzes as a family at dinner!
Of course the answers come in a separate
picture in a separate text so we don't cheat...  
Sweet girl.
Avery: "I've never had my hair in a french braid ever before! This is
amazing!" (After braiding her hair I can understand why - she has the
most gorgeous, luscious hair but braiding it was incredibly challenging!)

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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