Friday, March 31, 2017

High Five for Friday (3.31.17)

These last few days didn't gift me much "High Five for Friday" material with which to work. Early mornings and late nights. Allergies, viruses, coughs, and sore throats. Tough hurdles, tough losses, and tough lessons. Unexpected expenses, unexpected work, and unexpected conflicts. Frustration. Short tempers.

But because these Friday posts are about finding good no matter what, I'm going to stay the course and give it my best shot.

1. These Sonic drink-inspired cherry limeade cupcakes turned out even cuter than I expected and while I made them for a friend for her birthday, the leftovers helped me and a few other friends survive a challenging Friday night. (I'll share the recipe next week in my Monthly Medley post.)

2. These sweet girls survived ("survive" works as the theme of our week) a long weekend of late night and early morning rehearsals as well as a performance. This might be my favorite picture of them yet.

3. This girl survived (I'm just going to stick with it now) our (at least) six-mile bike trek to and from Spoons. And she only cried for the last two miles of the ride!

4. This boy survived the 4th grade STAAR Writing test. On a normal day this feat wouldn't have been much to write home about (he LOVES tests), but this time around he felt terribly sick. He started off the day with meds in his system, I took him second doses of meds midway through the test, and when I arrived to pick him up as soon as he'd finished, he buried his face in my shoulder and started crying. He desperately wanted to "show up" - both physically and academically - for his teachers and his school, and he did so.

Will hasn't missed a day of school for illness in years, so OF COURSE he would get sick on STAAR test day...

5. And finally, if I survive the day, Tom and I get to spend our evening celebrating a good friend's birthday at a couple's painting party!

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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