Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Garbage Can to Call His Own

I guess this is the week for follow-ups...though this one promises to bring about a bigger smile than the one I shared on Monday.

You might recall a post I wrote about a sweet little boy's assessment of the garbage can situation in his immediate and extended family... This darling preschooler - my nephew, Carter - just celebrated his fourth birthday. And when my mom/his Grandma Brenda asked him what he wanted for his birthday, Carter provided her with a two-pronged answer:
  1. A trash can for his room.
  2. An empty box in/under which he could catch leprechauns.
No toys, no books, no sporting equipment...just a trash can and an empty box. Needless to say, Carter received both gifts for his birthday. And he's never been happier, keeping his room tidy and chasing leprechauns.

Daddy's Grandpa has blue. Mommy's Grandpa has brown. Daddy has geen. And now, Carter has yellow.

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