Friday, March 10, 2017

High Five for Friday (3.10.17)

1. Last Thursday afternoon this girl donned a poodle skirt and sang, danced, and rocked her way through her second grade musical program. These are the moments they'll remember about elementary school...

2. On Thursday evening I went out with new group mom friends. Well, the combination of moms was new; some of the moms are good friends of mine, some are acquaintances, and some I had never met before. Making new friends never gets easier, but I think doing so - even when we already have good friends - helps us become stronger and more accepting individuals because it forces us to step outside our comfort zones and consider how we come across to those who don't know our histories. I'll "cheers" to that!

3. On Friday evening we (PTO) put on a "Movie Night" at the kids' elementary school. I didn't watch the movie, but my fellow PTO moms and I had a lovely conversation with the two TAMU college students who volunteered to help us out during the event. We periodically take students up on their offers to lend a hand, and while this often goes well, sometimes it doesn't. These two were punctual, hard-working, and friendly, and they gave me hope for our future. Also, one of them was named Ross, which prompted an entertaining conversation about which televisions shows our parents must have watched prior to each of us coming into the world.
He looks like a "Ross", doesn't he?
4. As of 3:05pm today, our last PTO fundraiser of the school year has wrapped and spring break has begun! We have a few activities and birthday parties on the calendar and a short trip planned, but we haven't overbooked ourselves. I want to make sure scheduled time doesn't dominate, and that when spring break comes to an end we feel rested and ready to tackle the remainder of the school year!

5. Happiness Highlights:
Every time we turn on the fireplace I hope it won't be the
last time for the season...I love chilly - and even cold - nights!
These two cuties have been accidentally dressing alike
since they were three years old and in preschool together.
1/3 (well, maybe 1/2 of the one with chocolate frosting)
of four different delectable cupcakes from Silos Baking
Co. at the Magnolia Silos. I enjoyed every last crumb.
This week was Parent Participation Week at Hallie's dance studio. On
Monday afternoon I took ballet and jazz classes, attended Mini Company
rehearsal, and pulled one muscle. I also gained a healthy amount of respect
for the amount of work my seven-year-old puts into her favorite activity.
"Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains."
(This picture isn't staged - she fell asleep like this.)

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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