Friday, March 24, 2017

High Five for Friday (3.24.17)

1. On the Friday before spring break, the kids' elementary school hosted a "Celebrate Texas" enrichment day complete with cowboys, cowgirls (the Catalina Cowgirls, to be exact), and horses. Talk about a great way to ease into a vacation from school!

2. Speaking of, we had a wonderful spring break. Two birthday parties, three playdates, a mom and kids coffee date, a visit from an old friend, a two-day vacation, LOTS of yard work, Beauty and the Beast, and a bit of unscheduled downtime. I wish we'd had another week to keep the rest, relaxation, and fun going!
Rockin' and rollin' at a Stutters-led dancing birthday party.
Visiting the Bullock Texas State History Museum.
Riding the train in Austin's Zilker Park.
Our new Meyer lemon tree. 😍
3. Hallie and I put out/up our Easter decorations, so the house and yard feel festive and ready for spring!

4. When looking through old pictures, I came across one that highlighted how similar Will's second grade teeth looked to Hallie's second grade teeth...which are currently coming in in an "interesting" - and somewhat orthodontically challenged - arrangement. Will's teeth gradually looked less concerning over time, so this comparison gives me hope that Hallie's will also look less concerning throughout the next year or two.

5. Happiness Highlights:
This lovely young woman began volunteering for me (in my
position as Director of Volunteer Resources) as a middle schooler.
12+ years later, she has risen through the ranks of the American Red
Cross and last week received the Everyday Heroes Volunteer
Leadership Award. I couldn't be prouder of you, Aparna!
My mom found this picture of me dressed
in a bunny costume...just in time for Easter!
This little buddy didn't pee on ANYTHING
while we were gone on our short vacation! 
This fashionista and I rode our bikes all the way to the
library and the donut shop on Sunday. She was delightful
company, reminding me how much I enjoy spending time
with her...especially when I have her all to myself. 
This is what our "first day back to school after spring break" looked
like. As I hugged Will goodbye at the crossing guard, I glanced down
and discovered he was wearing two different shoes. We all had a good
laugh, and he went about his day...I wish I could be that easy-going! 
After nearly a month, I was reunited with my seatbelt cover/neck
shield. I accidentally left it in my old car when we traded it in, and on
Saturday I finally picked it up from the dealer. My neck is so happy!

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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