Friday, July 22, 2016

High Five for Friday (7.22.16)

1. I didn't have all of our pics as of last Friday, so this high five comes a week late... Thanks to a large bag of Skittles and the promise of cake and ice cream for dinner, we survived our (extended) family photo shoot!

I plan to use one of the pics of the four Ferri for our Christmas card, so you don't get to see those just yet.

2. In keeping with our theme of swimming in Wisconsin's lakes, last week we visited Troll Lake in Stoughton. Troll Lake, considered Stoughton's community "pool", is actually a small man-made, zero-entry lake filled with clean city water and adorned with inflatable play structures and slides. We spent a marvelous afternoon picnicking on the grass, building sand castles, and slipping, sliding, and swimming in the fish-free water!

3. Last Sunday was Tom's birthday. As has been our practice for the last five years (since we moved to Texas and the kids and I started spending the month of July in Wisconsin), we celebrated with him early in the month...and we plan to celebrate with him again later in the month...but we couldn't celebrate with him on his actual birthday. Instead, we left presents for him at home, talked and sang to him over the phone, and devoured a birthday cake in his honor.

The Hy-Vee employee who wrote "Happy Birthday Tom" on the cake offered to offset the pink and purple flowers with a few beer can accessories. I accepted her offer.

4. Will and Hallie return "home" (to me, here in Madison) today after spending the last four days in Minocqua with Tom's parents. I missed them terribly, but I know they enjoyed this first real adventure away from me and Tom.
Tricks on the tube.
Naps on the boat.
Out for dinner...Will told me he fell asleep at the table right after
this picture was taken - boy's been running hard this summer! 
Working on Grandpa's new Lego lodge
while visiting the Lincoln Lodge.
Visiting the yarn shop with Grandma.
Watching The Secret Life of Pets - for
the second time - with her third cousins.
5. Happiness Highlights:
For the last four summers, Will has tagged along with my dad
when he volunteered at a local festival. (The festival donates $10
for every hour volunteered to a nonprofit of the volunteer's choice.)
For the first time this year, Will proved old and responsible enough
to count as a true volunteer, filling an actual slot and earning money
for my dad's nonprofit. After such a big "win", my dad bought Will
an airbrushed tattoo, which when coupled with the volunteer
success made that day pretty much the best day ever.  
It's like a sickness. We LOVE these charms!
Oh. My. Goodness. I can't wait to make these cupcakes!
The girls of summer, finding castles in the clouds.
Ice cream for dinner.
This is waiting for me back at home!

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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