Friday, July 8, 2016

High Five for Friday (7.8.16)

1. Our summer travel started off with a slight bump in the figurative road (the inside of our airplane reached 104 degrees, and as a result was delayed for nearly two hours while the pilots tried to cool it down to an uncomfortably warm but legal-to-board 88 degrees), but we made it to our first destination in one piece. When we walked out of the Madison, Wisconsin airport at 12:30am, I felt - for the first time in months - a beautifully refreshing chill in the air. Not much makes me happier than cool summer nights!

2. As always, Minocqua, Wisconsin delivered on the 4th of July. Over the years I have spent this holiday living in or visiting close to 10 different cities, and while each has offered its own unique stars and stripes experience, Minocqua's small town feel coupled with its Midwestern pride and patriotic tendencies make it my favorite place to celebrate our country's independence.

3. On a related note, while watching the Minocqua 4th of July parade I spotted a friend of mine from college - who I hadn't seen in person in probably 12 years - sitting across the street with her family. After the last float cruised past, I chased her down and we had a lovely reunion standing in the middle of the street in downtown Minocqua.

4. This week Will and Hallie drove the fishing and pontoon boats, went fishing (which included baiting their own hooks, casting their own lines, and taking quite a few fish off their hooks by themselves), built fires, and went swimming in the lake. Additionally, Will shot a BB gun, cut down a tree, whittled sticks into spears, and drove the Mario Kart. They wouldn't likely participate in these activities at home (at least not with me, which is somewhat ironic given that I punched my Girl Scout membership card nine years running and went camping regularly as a child), so the opportunity to try - and in some cases, hone - these skills every summer is priceless.

5. Happiness Highlights:
While we waited on our delayed flight from Dallas to
Madison we did our best to relax and enjoy our time together.
First stop, Madison, Wisconsin. Girl cousins/twins
riding the Henry Vilas Zoo merry-go-round.
The boy cousins, at the request of the littlest,
had to "twin" as well. The biggest didn't mind a bit.
Second stop, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Gathering with Tom's
mom's side of the family for Tom's cousin's graduation party. 
Hallie and Tom's grandpa.
A beautiful view of Lake Winnebago.
Third stop, Minocqua, Wisconsin. Not too shabby...
The best sleeping weather EVER!
4th of July shenanigans with Tom, Will, Hallie, AJ, and Ferrell.
For lunch on the 4th of July, Hallie ate one serving of tortilla chips, one
hotdog, three slices of mango, one serving of french fries, one cup of chili,
one bag of oyster crackers, one glass of lemonade, and one ice cream cone.
She has never eaten such a large meal, and while it might sound silly to
some, it thrilled me to see her fill her tummy with a variety of foods.
Me and my girl. So far this vacation has been good for her.
Doggie cousin kisses.
These two owned downtown Minocqua.
Day is done. Gone the sun, from the lakes, from the
hills, from the trees. All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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