Monday, February 15, 2016

Thanks and Gig 'Em, Miss Rev

Throughout our first three years in College Station we walked around the TAMU campus fairly often, as a way to both learn about and better understand our new city and the university. Though TAMU spans almost nine square miles, our strolls generally centered around the main campus and ended up near Kyle Field; the prospect of seeing the football stadium and grabbing a snack at the nearby Memorial Student Center more than once kept Will moving when his feet started to drag.

Each time we passed Kyle Field we would stop and pay our respects to the deceased Reveille mascots buried in the special cemetery located at the north end of the stadium.

Now that soccer games, Tae Kwon Do tournaments, dance rehearsals, and birthday parties take up the majority of our weekends, we have less time for wandering around on campus. A few weekends ago an Aggie basketball game happened to fit into our Saturday though, and rather than park close to the arena and deal with the traffic (Tom and I HATE - and I don't use that word lightly - post-event traffic congestion), we chose to park a mile away and walk through campus to get there. On our walk we passed the north end of Kyle Field for the first time since its recent renovations, and were surprised to see that the Reveille Mascot Cemetery had received a makeover.

Will glanced at the headstones, chuckled at the perfectly positioned scoreboard (situated so the Reveilles can always keep track of the score), and kept walking toward the basketball arena. Hallie, on the other hand, stood with Tom and read all of the stones, taking her time to acknowledge and speak to each one. (She did the same thing when we visited the Alamo last year.)

My girl has so much (sometimes misdirected and often untamed) passion swirling around inside her, but every once in a while an experience or environment calms her fiery heart and we see the love she feels for others shine brightly. On that day, on that walk, we had an opportunity to see this updated but still traditional TAMU historic site as well as the compassion it brought out in Hallie. Thanks and gig 'em, Miss Rev.  

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