Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Little Favor, Pretty Please?

Throughout my almost five years committed to writing, January has proven my most frustrating month. I struggle with what I want this space to look and feel like, what I want to write about, what I think readers want me to write about, and how to blend these aspects of Chasing Roots together in a cohesive, interesting, and engaging way. These struggles usually lead to kind of a "woe is me" attitude, and I go through a period of planning to quit writing Chasing Roots followed by a period of planning to quit writing altogether.

Eventually though, I come back around. I remind myself that I began writing for me (and maybe my mom), because I believe in documenting what my life really, truly looked and felt like, but also because I love to watch the words excitedly tumble one by one onto the screen, alive after the frantic journey from my mind to my fingertips. I renew my commitment to Chasing Roots and the other blogs and websites for which I write, and I try not to worry so much about whether or not people read and what they think about my writing.

But in reality, I do care whether or not people read what I write, and I care about what others - you, in particular - think about my writing. So in that vein, today I ask for your help. Would you please take two minutes to complete the survey below? Your feedback will help me make Chasing Roots a better experience for readers, and give me the peace of mind I seem to need each January.

Thank you!

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