Monday, February 22, 2016

A Monday Heart Attack

Ok, friends. This post is neither here nor there, but that works on a Monday, right? I don't know about you, but most of my Mondays fall into the "neither here nor there" category.

I always visit Hallie's room one last time after she falls asleep to cover her up, turn off her lights, and turn on her alarm clock. Last Monday night I walked into her room and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this:

Hallie had fallen asleep cuddling her doll, but in a way that made it look like her sweet, normal-sized head had been swapped for a much smaller, somewhat creepy American Girl Doll head. I couldn't see any part of Hallie's neck, head, or even hair, and while my brain processed the situation correctly, the rest of me experienced a panicked adrenaline rush.

After I calmed down I took a few pics; I needed the one above for documentation and the one below so that I'd have a more pleasant image of Hallie loving on her doll.

Nothing like a heart attack to close out a typical Monday!

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