Friday, February 12, 2016

High Five for Friday (2.12.16)

1. After a LEGENDARY Friday night, Tom and I could have used a day or two to recuperate...instead, we got up early on Saturday morning for, among other things, a soccer tournament. This tournament was Will's first, and the experience shocked his (and my, heaven help me) emotional, mental, and physical systems more than any of us expected. Life lessons about teamwork, sportsmanship, failure, and success flew at Will like baseballs in a batting cage, and at times he struggled to keep his head up. He survived though, and I'd like to believe he came out the other side a stronger soccer player, more coachable athlete, and better teammate.

I came out the other side with 100 or so more gray hairs, a hoarse voice and sore throat, a sun- and wind-burned face, and 21 loads of laundry waiting for me on the floor of my laundry room.

2. I made this macaroni and cheese recipe on Super Bowl Sunday, and it hit the spot like I couldn't believe. Give it a try this weekend - you won't regret it!

3. On Monday the recycling truck drove by my house without stopping AGAIN. This time, however, the driver realized his error, made a 17-point turn at the end of the block, and came back to empty our overflowing bin. Woo hoo!

4. On a related note, after last week's "Green Texas" post a few people asked me what kind/style/brand of reusable bags I regularly use. Here are a few of my high-fiveable favorites!
My favorite reusable bags!
  • I keep this one in my purse to pull out when I hadn’t planned on purchasing anything and therefore didn’t bring my sets of bags into the store.
  • I keep a set of these under the passenger seat in my car.
  • And I keep a set of these in my trunk, so that when I’ve taken the first set inside the house and I’m not without bags.
  • These are a little more expensive, but hold their shape better than the envirosax bags.
  • I put my produce in these.
  • And here are a few tips on how to remember to bring your bags with you!

5. While on last weekend's "work date", when I wrapped up the piece I was writing before Tom finished his journal article, I spent a few minutes looking at all of the kids' artwork, notes, and pictures hanging throughout his office. I took and framed many of the pictures, so they felt familiar to me; the artwork and notes, however, often went straight from the kids to Tom to Tom's office so I had never had an opportunity to admire them before. Warmed my heart...
Hallie and Tom at their first Daddy Daughter Dance.
A photo collage I put together to display in Tom's
otherwise empty office right after we moved here.
World's Best Dad is…Will? I don't quite get this one, but I like
the combination of briefcase, tool, and mustache embellishments.
Love the colored pictures, love the "it shappy time" notecard
(I know it's supposed to say "it's happy time", but when I look at
it all I can see is "it shappy time"), not so sure about the photo... 
Another cute pic of Tom and Hallie at Daddy Daughter Dance
(they were on the front page of the newspaper) but the picture
of "dad <--- awesome dude" takes the cake. 
Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. Yum that mac and cheese looks delicious! I'm definitely gonna add that to our list of things to try soon :) thanks for linking up for H54F!