Friday, September 25, 2015

High Five for Friday (9.25.15)

1. I posted a few photos from our Boosterthon Fun Run earlier this week, but I saved these three because I felt they deserved a little extra attention…

First, this photo because…well…because HALLIE. I can't look at this photo without laughing.

Kind of like this picture, taken at the Alamo, and so many others...

Second, this photo because I absolutely adore watching these two cuties grow up together.

And third, this photo of because it perfectly captures the love between these four friends. Of note #1: the little girls holding hands. Of note #2: the way Kaylee is looking at Will. My heart might burst.

2. Two good friends celebrated birthdays this week, and while we're not partying for one of them until early next month, we surprised the other with a birthday dinner on Sunday night. I look TERRIBLE in this picture (what am I doing with my face?!), but I'm posting it anyway because everything else about it - especially the people - makes me extraordinarily happy.

Happy birthday, Nuria! Happy birthday, Isaac!

3. After months of negotiating and paperwork, we finally closed on the refinance of our house on Wednesday. I despised every minute of the long, drawn-out process, but I'm so grateful we finally signed on the dotted line hundreds of dotted lines and for the immeasurable amount of assistance my dad provided us from start to finish. A great big care package is on its way to your front door, Dad!

4. My friend and new neighbor (we were already friends, but she and her family recently moved in across the street from us) had her third baby last week. I didn't want to show up unannounced the day they came home from the hospital, so I put together a little care package, left it on her front porch, and texted her to let her know it was there. Later that evening her two older kiddos walked over to say thank you, and when they did I happened to notice my friend standing out front holding the baby. Like a crazy person, I ran out of my house, across the lawn, and through the street, and then immediately behind me came both Will and Hallie. It wasn't until I was cuddling that itty, bitty baby by the side of the road that I realized I was wearing my pajamas, Hallie only a tee-shirt, and Will only his bathrobe. Eek.

I'm so happy this sweet little boy came into the world, that we have wonderful new neighbors, and that we live in a neighborhood where I can run across the street in my pajamas and not worry all that much about what people think.

5. Happiness Highlights:
These little cuties are practicing
to be mice in the upcoming Ballet
Brazos production of The Nutcracker. 
I kind of want this as my next birthday cake.
I happened upon this picture and could hardly stand the adorableness.
These delicious treats are back in stores! 
In between eating apple slices, practicing her
cartwheels, and watching My Little Pony she
trains for Road Runners. Barefoot, of course.
Fly high, little one.
Happy Friday, friends!

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