Friday, July 3, 2015

High Five for Friday (7.3.15)

1. The US Women's Soccer team advanced to the World Cup semifinals after defeating China 1-0 last Friday night. Tom, the kids, and I found a semi-empty and very friendly sports bar in College Station that willingly changed three televisions (including the one connected to the bar's sound system) to the game so that we could watch while we enjoyed drinks, appetizers, and dinner.

The victory was of course the highlight of the evening, but the second best moment came when both Will and Hallie proudly stood, hands on hearts, for the National Anthem.

Then "our" team (all four of us - even Hallie has gotten on board now - are at this point pretty attached to these women) advanced again, this time to the final game, after a 2-0 victory over #1-ranked Germany on Tuesday night. We watched the game at my parents' house in Madison, and the victory was a perfect way to kick off our vacation.

The US will take on Japan in the final match on Sunday afternoon. And yes, we still believe that we will win. #Ibelievethatwewillwin

2. Do you enjoy summer rain as much as I do? I appreciate a warm, sunny afternoon at the swimming pool, but I have just as much fun when the clouds roll in, the skies open, and a steady shower or quick downpour turns our streets into streams. We stomp in puddles, race popsicle stick boats, and on occasion, shower on the patio.

3. We're finally here. It doesn't get much better than this.

4. Happiness Highlights (from the last couple of weeks):
This sweet girl and her friends loved Dancer Doll camp.
I loved that her new-to-her American Girl Doll (who
belonged to me 25+ years ago) survived the week.
As a little girl, more than anything in the world I
wanted a splattering of freckles across my nose.
Earlier this week I was delighted to discover that
Will has three golden cuties on the bridge of his. 
Won't eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, macaroni and cheese,
muffins, yogurt, or fruit smoothies, but will eat raw green onions. I
officially give up trying to figure out what to feed my youngest child.
In preparation for swimming in the ocean the lake 
the bathtub, Will and Hallie are learning how to snorkel.

According to this Facebook quiz, I should live 
in Texas. Glad to know I'm in the right place!

5. Tomorrow we celebrate Independence Day. I plan to party like it's 1776.

Happy Friday and Happy 4th of July, friends!

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