Friday, July 17, 2015

High Five for Friday (7.17.15)

Happy birthday to Taco Tom, aka Doc Fers, aka Daddy-O! We won't get to celebrate with him in person until later this month, but we'll be thinking about and calling and teeing and Facetiming him lots today! 

1. These two. In the absence of Hallie's older brother, Will (who spends a lot of time on his own with Grandpa Paul during our visits to Madison), and Carter's older sister, Lily (who is spending this week at her other grandparents' house), Hallie and Carter have begun developing a delightful relationship. They treat each other kindly, look out for one another, and most gloriously, rarely bicker and never fight.

And then this one - OH, the sweetness.

2. We may only grow weeds and an occasional nectarine down in Texas, but the Wisconsin weather and his green thumb allow my dad to grow thousands of plump, juicy raspberries every summer. The kids and Grandpa pick a hundred or so a day, and with them we make the most delicious pies, crisps, cobblers, and smoothies. Yum!

3. She may be a Texan, but in all likelihood, this is as close to a real cowgirl as my Hallie Claire will ever get, seeing as she's not a big fan of animals that are 1) big, 2) loud, 3) unpredictable, 4) outside, and 5) covered in flies. At least she's an enthusiastic and adorable rider when the animal is none of the above!

4. Our biannual (and perhaps last ever) garage sale went smoothly and turned a reasonable profit. We always hope to bring in enough money to buy donuts for breakfast and submarine sandwiches for lunch, with a little left over to fund a special excursion, fun activity, or new pair of shoes; this year we accomplished our goal, and I used a small portion of my profits to take one step closer toward becoming a crazy cat lady by buying this fabulously quirky watch.

5. This. The US Women's National Soccer Team World Cup, as well as the hullabaloo surrounding their World Cup victory, continues to make me happy every day.

Happy Friday, friends!

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