Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Few Words Wednesday: How Does Your Garden Grow

Many flowers that grow splendidly in the northern half of the country don't grow well - or at all - in the southern half of the country, and of course the reverse holds true as well. I find myself drawn to flowers in Texas because they look and smell so different than those my parents grew in our yard when I was young, and I find myself drawn to flowers in Wisconsin because they feel familiar.

I usually take pictures of flowers using my DSLR camera and edit the images on my computer. On this trip, however, I had to leave that camera behind so I could use its case to carry on Will's nebulizer. I took and edited all of these pictures on my phone, and while they look decent, I found myself missing the composition and focus capabilities (at least those I know how to use) my fancy schmancy camera offers.

These beauties make me wish my thumb weren't quite so brown...

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