Friday, March 21, 2014

High Five for Friday (3.21.14)

1. Did you celebrate National Pi(e) Day? This ridiculous but fun holiday takes place on March 14th (March 14th = 3/14 = 3.14 = Pi), the same date on which my banana-cream-pie-loving mom celebrates her birthday. And since my mom spent her birthday visiting us in College Station, we celebrated by making from scratch an absolutely scrumptious banana cream pie. Yum! (And pretty too, right?)

2. In past years I have attempted to cram all of our St. Patrick's Day treats, crafts, and activities into just one day. That whirlwind of green and gold and rainbows and shamrocks and pinching and eating and drinking made for a lively day, but I always felt overwhelmed and as though the "show" I put on trumped actually experiencing the holiday. This year, with the hope of slowing the holiday's pace, I spread our craft projects, shamrock-adorned attire, and green food and drink out throughout the weekend and Monday. What a difference this change made!


3. My mom knows her way around a head of hair (she cut my and my sister's hair until we entered middle school and started asking for complicated, layered styles, and I don't think my dad has set foot in a barber shop since he married her), so I feel completely confident letting her begging her to trim my hair and Hallie's hair whenever she visits.

On this visit she cut Hallie's hair in the bathroom while Hallie sat on the edge of the counter with her feet in the sink. And so that Hallie didn't end up with hair inside her clothes (I don't own a drape), we took off her dress and wrapped her in a hand towel. Said a confused little girl as the hair cutting process began, "at the other hair cutting place I keep my clothes ON". Yes, yes you do. And you always will.

4. I savored Erin's "I So Deserve This" Latte yesterday morning while catching up with a wonderful friend and then catching up on all of the writing I put off while working on house projects and hanging out with my mom earlier in the week. High fives all around.

5. And last but not least…  Will drew this. I accidentally laughed out loud when I saw it but was quickly reprimanded for doing so because, "Mama, squirrels are NOT funny animals." Oh, it's a squirrel. Thank goodness.

Happy first-weekend-of-spring, friends!

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