Friday, March 7, 2014

High Five for Friday (3.7.14)

1. Catching Fire comes out on DVD TODAY! I plan to pick up my copy this morning, and then spend the remainder of the day counting down the minutes until Will and Hallie go to bed and I can watch both the movie (for the fourth time) and all of the special features.

2. Divergent tickets went on sale this week! A few friends and I bought ours on Tuesday and are looking forward to finally see one of our favorite books come to life on the big screen.

3. Little League baseball started this week! Well, baseball kind of started this week. We were supposed to practice on Monday, but our coach cancelled practice on account of the weather - it was 27 degrees with a windchill of 20 degrees outside. (To be clear, I'm not complaining about the cancellation. Sitting on ice cold bleachers…in the dark…bundled up against the frigid cold and biting wind…for 90 minutes…all while trying to entertain Hallie sounds about as fun as sticking my pen in my eye.) We were supposed to practice on Wednesday, but our coach cancelled practice on account of the standing water - what remained after Tuesday's ice storm - on the fields. (A second to be clear, the city keeps an unbelievably tight reign on their baseball and soccer fields, opening them to youth practices and games only when weather conditions don't pose a risk to the fields' conditions. The fields have been closed all week, so even if our coaches were willing to brave cold weather and standing water, practicing would have meant risking a $200 fine.) At least we had a team meeting with our coaches, parents, and players…go Blue Claws!

There's just nothing better than watching kids find their footing in and then succeed at the activities and sports they love. Will looks and feels at home on the baseball field, and I am so proud to sit in the stands and cheer for him.
Will's very first tee-ball game two years ago. 
4. Will and I rediscovered "Just Dance for Kids" on the Wii. Someone gave us this game years ago, and while we played it once or twice after it was first opened, it spent most of its time in our media cabinet. Last Sunday afternoon, when the rain and freezing temperatures made playing outside nearly impossible, the kids were going a little stir-crazy. Will had wrapped himself in Ace bandages and was jumping on the beanbag chair in the playroom, and Hallie was SCREAMING the words to Little Red Riding Hood's "I Know Things Now" from Into the Woods while wearing only her yellow, polka dot bikini and pink blanket as a cloak. I needed something - anything - to help them expend energy, and though I usually hate turning to the Wii, the electronic device seemed my only option.

Will and I ended up dancing for a full hour. I broke a sweat, added nearly 6,000 steps to my daily step total (I happened to have on my sports watch), and had a blast with my boy.

Meanwhile, my gal - who didn't want to participate - settled in to watch us and eventually fell asleep under her cloak while we danced circles around her. Literally.

5. And finally, I loved this compilation of photos that together aim to change the way we as a society look at women. Show these to your daughters, friends.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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