Monday, May 21, 2012

They're Coming to Get Me

I've made no secret of the fact that I'm not a big fan of the creepy, crawly, slithering creatures that share my zip code. I've discovered quite a few of these critters - one large lizard, four or five smaller lizards, and LOTS and LOTS of bugs - in our house at one time or another, and while I HATED every second I shared space with these animals, I am proud to report that I've taken care of all of them, except for the large lizard, on my own.

On a related note, I recently encountered my first live snake. I was edging the grass in front yard and accidentally edged that little buddy right in two. Tom was VERY impressed with how calm I stayed in the moments after committing the crime, when I informed him both of the incident and that I wouldn't be doing any more edging that morning.

I couldn't figure out how the lizards in particular were getting into my house, other than the most obvious way: through a left-open-by-a-small-person door. (I wish those kids of mine were old enough for me to enforce a "if you leave the door open and a lizard comes in the house you will be responsible for removing the lizard from the house" rule.) Until a couple of weeks ago, that is.

Outside our kitchen/dining nook window is a large bush. Growing up through the bush are a number of hearty vines that when left unattended, quickly take over the bush itself and grow directly up and onto/into the window screen. Before we bought our house it was vacant for months, during which time the vines grew like the weeds they are and eventually tore holes in the screen. The best I can tell, lizards were coming out of the bush, climbing up and through the screen, and then working their way through the little gaps on the sides of the windows that allow the windows slide up and down.

Once I realized how the lizards were getting in, I used enough cotton to mop up a small flood and plugged all of the gaps. Knock on wood, but the 17 or so pounds of cotton I used seem to be doing the trick - I haven't yet had to catch a lizard in my house this season. But since we haven't fixed the screen yet, the lizards are still squeezing through the holes in the screen and making themselves at home up against the glass window.

And there they sit, watching me with their beady little eyes, waiting for the cotton to decompose and allow them entry into my safe haven.
On his way back out.
Watching.  Waiting.
Have you ever been watched by a lizard? I can tell you from experience that it is NOT a good feeling.

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