Wednesday, May 23, 2012

April Showers Bring May Flowers

It didn't actually rain much at all in April, but we were lucky to receive more than eight inches of rain in both February and March. And while it didn't rain enough to officially change our drought status, the rain we did see was enough to support the growth of quite a few beautiful blooms around our neighborhood.

Flowers really are my favorite category to photograph, for reasons I've mentioned previously, and this spring has delivered a plethora of opportunities for me to practice capturing and then editing pictures of gorgeous blooms.

Hallie is any pretty flower or flower-like weed's biggest fan, and she does a great job of pointing out anything that even resembles a flower whenever we're walking to the park, soccer practice, or baseball games. She's become my photography sidekick, so I'll call these "our" most recent photographic captures:

We also captured photos of a couple of little creatures as well:

Back at the computer, I've started playing around with photo editing software. I'm still pretty green when it comes to the correct way to edit photos, but I'm having fun experimenting!

And lastly, my favorite photo, completely unedited.

Seeking out flowers of which to take photos has really forced me to - pardon the cliche - stop and smell the roses. Instead of watching the pavement for snakes (I've seen two, both dead in the road, in the last 24 hours), my eyes are scanning the world around me for anything that speaks louder than it's surroundings. It's a much better view.

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