Friday, May 4, 2012

Flashback Friday: Dorkhood

Let's be honest, my looks started to go in about the fifth grade. My bangs began inching backward, my glasses grew bigger and thicker, and my orthodontia needs and interventions increased.
Chatting about Girl Scout cookies (that's me on the left) with
then-mayor Joseph Sensenbrenner.  How 'bout them bangs?  
Chilling with Cloudy (which may or may not be that horse's name)
at Hoofbeat Ridge Camp.  If you're not too distracted by the glasses
you'll notice the chubby cheeks, courtesy of a ginormous,
full-mouth retainer.
Enjoying a rainy fall day in our matching American
Girl rain coats and hats.  Sara always looked so cute,
which made me look all-the-more geeky and awkward.
Sweeping the deck as a favor to my mom.  (Note the
thermometer in the background - it was 45 degrees
and I was sweeping the deck in short-sleeves.)
Where to begin on this one...the elastic-wasted
overalls?  The tight-rolled pant legs?  The bangs?
The haircut?  The glasses?  The braces?
This photo should be burned.
Posing with Grandma Hallie (my little Hallie's namesake) on Easter.
It's a shame I look so ridiculous, because Grandma Hallie looks lovely.
My sister and I earned $100 each painting the garage
 one summer.  I look happy, but the work was awful.  I still
wear those exact same clothes when I paint now.
Eight grade graduation.  Holy shoulder pads, Batman.
Luckily for me, my looks started to turn around (STARTED to turn around - they didn't make a full rotation) during my freshman and sophomore years in high school.  I grew out my bangs, got contacts, had my braces removed, and stopped wearing shoulder pads, tight-rolled and/or stone-washed mom jeans, and nylons with open-toed sandals.  Stay tuned for a walk down High School Memory Lane next week!


  1. I just spit my coffee out. Hilarious!

  2. I may or may not have just bookmarked this post... it totally turned my frown upside down! Love you, you gorgeous sister of mine ;)

  3. I found some other fabulous photos that I will email to you. Love the overalls :) Love you!

  4. on the last picture, do you have 2x4 resting on your shoulders