Friday, March 2, 2012

Photography Challenge - Week 4

My 30-day Photography Challenge has drawn to a close - here are my final nine pictures:

Day 22: Hands

Day 23: Sunflare

Day 24: Animal

Day 25: Something Pink

Day 26: Close Up

Day 27: From a Distance

Day 28: Flower

Day 29: Black & White

Day 30: Self Portrait

A few notes:
- My Animal picture was taken a few months ago.  I looked EVERYWHERE for an animal to photograph this week, but all I could find was a dead moth in the corner of the dining room and a drowning fruit fly in a vase.  Because I didn't figure you'd want to see a picture of either of those animals I decided to edit a photo I took last spring and was really proud of.
- My Flower picture is one of my top three favorite pictures from the month.  The flower itself is gorgeous, and I'm pretty proud of the editing I did to the background.  And in case you didn't know, the yellow rose is the state flower of Texas.
- My Self Portrait is of my reflection in the window of my favorite building on the TAMU campus, which is why the picture appears so dusty.  I hardly edited the picture at all because I like that feature.

I may have complained a bit about this photography challenge, but I definitely learned something throughout the last 30 days...I learned that photography is A LOT more than just taking pictures of pretty things. I tip my hat to those of you who do this professionally (especially those of you who photograph children professionally {Carrie}), and while I wish I could be more like you talented artists, I know I don't have the patience or the eye or the creative spirit required to be really good at photography. I am, however, committed to continuing to improve my photography skills, which is why I'm going to attempt the photography project below in April or May.

(I need a little break from daily photography which is why I'm going to aim for April or May instead of March.)

Just let me know if you're interested in joining me!

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