Friday, February 17, 2012

Photography Challenge - Week 2

This second week of the Photography Challenge was tougher than the first.  I've learned that 1) I really have no idea what I'm doing with my camera, 2) I don't own the right equipment to successfully complete many of the challenges, 3) I'm not all that creative, and 4) my kids really don't like having their picture taken unless they can look at EVERY. SINGLE. PICTURE. as soon as it shows up on the screen.  I'm hoping I can turn things around next week!

Day 8: A bad habit

Day 9: Someone you love

Day 10: Childhood memory

Day 11: Something blue

Day 12: Sunset

Day 13: Yourself with 13 things

Day 14: Eyes

A few notes about this week's pictures.  
- My "Bad Habit" picture is of my over-plucked my eyebrows.  This is the one thing my mother still scolds me for doing.
- My "Childhood Memory" picture is of my Winnie-the-Pooh.  Neither of my kids believe that my stuffed bear is actually Winnie-the-Pooh though, because Pooh looked so different 33 years ago.
- My "Something Blue" picture is of a mid-flight Frisbee.  The blue sky behind the flying disc was just a coincidence.
- My "Sunset" picture (confession time) was taken a couple of months ago.  It has rained every evening for the last four days, making it impossible for me to take a new sunset picture.
- My "Yourself with 13 Things" picture is of me with 13 different shoes (can you find them all?).  If I had looked ahead to next week's photo assignments I would have seen that one of them is Shoes.  Oops.
- My "Eyes" pictures aren't all that great (it wasn't easy to get those little rugrats to sit still long enough for me to take pictures of their eyes), but I love them anyway.  When I look in Hallie's eyes I see whimsy and cunning; when I look in Will's eyes I see commitment and wisdom.  What do you see? 

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