Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Love Day!

I love how excited my kids are for Valentine's Day, and I love making the day special for them. We made heart-shaped crayons and homemade Valentine's for their friends, we baked and decorated heart-shaped cookies, I'll attend both of their school Valentine's Day parties (they both granted me permission to join in the fun), we'll eat red and/or heart-shaped food for all three meals, and per our tradition, the highlight of the day will be our Valentine's Day scavenger hunt to find small gifts for everyone in the family scattered throughout the house.

I also love that Valentine's Day is my parents' anniversary and my sister-in-law's birthday. Tom and I celebrate as much for them almost as we do for ourselves, seeing as neither of us care much for the unreasonable expectations and forced romance associated with February 14th. We avoid the Valentine's Day dinner-and-a-movie craziness at all costs, and usually spend the evening eating spaghetti (at least it's red, right?) and brownies. Mmmm...brownies.

In honor of this day of love, here are a few things I'm feeling the love for today...

These three hooligans.  (This may be my favorite picture ever taken of the three of them.  
Tom and Will are as happy as can be because they've got each other and the Wii, 
but Hallie is super pissed off because things aren't going exactly the way she'd like them 
to go.  Nearly three years later, not a single thing has changed.)

This little love bug, otherwise known as my niece Lily.

Our new home, and the life we've made for ourselves here.

Love on!

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