Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photography - Kids or No Kids?

Some people really enjoy and are very good at photographing children. My great friend Carrie is one of these people, and over the last couple of years she's been sharpening her skills and growing a fabulous photography business called Lifeseyes Photography.

I'm glad there are photographers like Carrie to capture our little ones at their cutest stages and in their most precious moments, because there are also people - like me - who prefer to take pictures of scenery and landscapes, i.e. things that don't cry, scream, run away, refuse to smile, and demand snacks. (These are all things my children have done at photo shoots.) Don't get me wrong, I love to take pictures of my kids. On their good days. On their bad days, I'm going to focus on camera lens on flowers.

I took this picture in Orlando, Florida back in February. I love the brilliant pink leaves against the green grass background, as well as how the Florida sunlight reflects off certain leaves while creating shadows behind others.

Though I took lots of pictures of my kids that day, I think this picture shines through as my favorite.

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