Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Monthly Medley: March 2024



I read TWO books in March - this is a first for me, at least since I became a parent 17+ years ago. 😂 First up was The Lies I Tell, about a female con artist and the woman who has waited years to expose her, by Julie Clark. I loved Clark's layered female leads, and her ability to explore and explain the complicated entanglement of revenge and justice. 

I liked Clark's writing so much that I dove into The Last Flight, a thriller about two women - in completely different situations - who risk everything to disappear from their lives, the day after I finished The Lies I Tell. I appreciated how Clark once again created complex, female characters that readers could initially relate to and to whom, over time, readers could truly understand, support, and root for.


Hallie and I are SO close to finishing Modern Family, so we've been powering through that and watching little else. We're going to need a new sitcom when we reach the end though, so recommendations for something similar to watch next would be appreciated!

On my own, I've watched the first few episodes of Tracker and the pilot episode of Elsbeth, both of which I've really enjoyed!

Listening To

I'm still listening to Swindled, and despite the host's attempts to put me to sleep with his voice (and the fact that he drives me crazy by mispronouncing "sing/ing," "ensue," and "escape"), I can't turn this podcast off. 

I also noticed that Serial just dropped episodes one and two of its fourth season - about the history of Guantánanamo - and I'm looking forward to jumping into that when I take my next road trip!


Frannie's Fight (@frannies.fight) follows the sweetest golden retriever as she battles back to health after a lifetime of abuse, neglect, and obesity. I can't not feel good when I see her working hard to regain what she's lost and loving her life for the first time. 


Hallie needed new resistance bands after ripping a couple and losing a couple to kittens/cats, so we picked out and have been very happy with these - they span a wide variety of tensions and are the prettiest colors we've found!

I love Fossil wallets, so when my most recent one broke (the snap stopped working), I started searching their newest regular and outlet store products. I couldn't find anything I liked though - the colors and patterns from the recent lines just weren't speaking to me - so I decided to go with a cheaper version from Amazon instead. I actually really like both this "every day" wallet and this extra slim wallet (which I picked up for travel or whenever I need to lighten my load), as they are both small but functional, come in lots of pretty colors, and thus far appear to be good quality. 


I've pretty much been rocking my Consol gear - and now my playoffs and district champions shirts - all month... 😉


Sadly, I have no new recipes to share this month. Though I did cook some, it wasn't much, given that we've all been running around like chickens with our heads cut off (plus we were gone for spring break and my oven is acting up again), and I didn't try anything new - the craziest months require sticking to our staples and standbys!

Feeling Good About

Happy March, friends!

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