Friday, April 26, 2024

High Five for Friday (4.26.24)


Keeping it short and sweet today, as Hallie and I are traveling for a dance festival. 


We had a great kick off to the Ballet Brazos 2024-2025 season! Mark your calendars and plan to join us on Friday, December 6th or Saturday, December 7th for The Nutcracker, a Brazos Valley Tradition since 2012!


Hallie's ballet company guest performed at the Strutters Showcase (the Strutters are the dance team at one of our city's high schools) on Saturday evening. The girls did a great job adapting given that they were missing a few dancers (and that the stage crew accidentally closed and reopened the curtain halfway through the dance 😂) and their finished product looked lovely.


Will and his Cavalry team have returned to the soccer field post-high school soccer, and while I LOVE high school soccer and wouldn't trade one single day of any of Will's seasons, it's been nice to feel a little less stressed while watching him play. 😬 

So relaxed, I guess, that I forget to take pictures...


This week my boy bought tickets to...PROM. Dances have never really been this thing, so until he shows up at prom tomorrow evening, the one and only he's ever attended was the end-of-the-year dance in SIXTH grade. I love that he's going - with a big group of friends and a date - and I hate that I'm going to miss it because Hallie and I will be in Florida. 


Speaking of Florida, we made it! Hallie and I are here for the Regional Dance America National Festival, and we're in a fabulous hotel on a fabulous beach in Daytona. (In addition to RDA's festival, it's also Jeep Week, which has made for some interesting crowds and congestion.) Hallie has been dancing or at performances most of the times, but we're fitting in lounging on and playing at the beach and pool where we can!

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