Friday, April 5, 2024

High Five for Friday (4.5.24)


Programming note: this week has kind of gone to hell in a handbasket, to the point that I'd like to skip my HFFF post completely. I'm going to power through though, because the whole point is to find the good even when finding the good is hard. If this week is hard for you, know that you're in my thoughts and that I'm hoping next week is better.


Sadly, this is my last weekly Lads update for the 2023-2024 season. After an amazing second round playoff win last Friday night (they scored the go-ahead goal with 26 seconds left in regulation), they fell in the third round on Tuesday night.

I honestly can't yet write about the end of - or any part of, for that matter - the Lads' season or look at pictures from this past week without crying, so for now I'm simply going to sign off  by saying that our Lads left absolutely everything they had on the field that night and I couldn't be prouder of them. year.


10 years ago my parents gave Tom and me a membership to AAA as a Christmas present. Since then, they've renewed it every year, and when Will got his license they added him to our membership as well. This week I took advantage of that membership for the first time (and I needed them not just once, but twice), and they were awesome to work with.


Last Thursday night Will casually asked if I wanted to go watch his high school's baseball game with him. I tried to act cool when I said I'd love to join him, but I think he sensed my excitement and borderline glee at the invitation. I love spending time with that kid, and I don't take one second of it for granted.


Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes, amiright?! As Hawkeyes and fans of Lisa Bluder (Iowa's coach, who started at Iowa while we were students), Caitlin Clark, college basketball, and women's sports in general, Tom and I are loving every minute of the women's NCAA basketball tournament.


On Wednesday, we celebrated one of my best friend's taking a pottery class! Jenn and Anne already know what they're doing at the potter's wheel, but Mandi and I were brand new to the experience and we all had such a blast. Happy birthday, Jenn! 

More experienced = a blindfold challenge.

They both did amazingly well!


Posting note: next week's midweek post will be on Wednesday instead of Tuesday - "see" you then!

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