Friday, April 12, 2024

High Five for Friday (4.12.24)


This week started off an awful lot like last week, but thankfully, things started to improve as we inched toward Friday. Hallelujah!

Last Thursday with friends (and then again last Friday with a different friend), I discovered a new (to me) - and close to home - Mexican restaurant. It earned bonus points on Thursday with free queso and on Friday with karaoke!

We didn't sing - this is the host - but
maybe next time we'll give it a try!

Fun fact: I didn't enjoy Mexican food until we moved to Texas, and now I think I'd choose it over just about any other type of cuisine! 


It's been a good sports week! 1) Caitlin Clark, Kate Martin, Hannah Stuelke, Gabby Marshall, and the Iowa Hawkeyes played a great NCAA tournament final against Dawn Staley's unbelievable Lady Gamecocks. 2) I won our family's NCAA men's tournament bracket competition for the first time in years. The USWNT won the She Believes Cups in a shootout. And 3) I scored tickets for Tom and Will to see Brazil and Mexico battle it out on the pitch in Kyle Field in June!


On Saturday night Tom and I actually dressed up and went out - to a wedding dinner in honor of a friend and co-worker of his - for the first time since last summer. We left the kids to fend for themselves for dinner/entertainment, and they proved they're perfectly capable by going grocery shopping (with my money), cooking/preparing what they purchased (frozen taquitos, sushi, salad, and Pop Rocks Oreos), and (mostly) cleaning up after themselves!


On Sunday afternoon Hallie's ballet company - Encore - performed their end of the year gala. Hallie did a beautiful job, and Will only dozed off a couple of times, which was a vast improvement over last year's Encore gala. 😉  I filmed all of their dances during the second performance but haven't had a chance to upload them to my computer or YouTube yet - I'll share a couple of my favorites once I've taken care of that step!


Last but not least, a story I've been waiting to tell until Hallie's 15th birthday...

My youngest cousin on my dad's side of the family was born shortly after my 15th birthday. As the eldest cousin, I got first dibs on holding Valerie (after all of the grandparents, aunts, and uncles, of course), and I remember looking at her - so fresh and new to the world - in my arms and feeling...old. 15 felt practically grown when I compared myself to that teeny, tiny baby.

I also remember realizing - and this blew my mind at the time - that when Valerie grew up and reached the age I was at the time, I too would have grown up...and I would be 30.

Fast forward those 15 years, to the day when at 30 years old I introduced newborn Hallie to 15-year-old Valerie. I told Valerie the story about realizing that when she would turn 15 I would turn 30, and I explained that the same would be true for Hallie and her. Without missing a beat, she replied, "yep, and then you'll be 45!"

Touché, Valerie. Happy 30th birthday. 😉

You're welcome, for this amazing picture of me.


Happy weekend, friends!

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