Friday, December 1, 2023

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We're 'crackin' this week, so in place of a High Five For Friday post, I'm sharing a different kind of post...the kind I could write and schedule to post ahead of time. 😉


In late September, a brand new Christmas-themed business opened its doors in Madisonville, and a couple of weeks ago, we made the 45-minute drive to see - to experience - Madisonville Christmas Company (MCC) for ourselves.

According to MCC's founders, "we exist to make Christmas joy come alive everyday; to add a little merry and bright to the ordinary; and to celebrate the traditions of faith, family, and friends." This Christmas spectacular - calling MCC a store or shop simply doesn't do it justice - certainly fulfills its founders' mission, and was everything I hoped it would be and more.

MCC is housed in a massive barn (for lack of a better, fancier word), elegantly decorated both inside and out like a chic boutique. The interior space is divided into themed "rooms" and vignettes, like the Ribbon Room (for wrapping or decorating), Gingerbread Room (food-inspired giftables), and Indoor Tree Farm (artificial trees, decorating themes, and a stem bar) plus four furniture rooms and displays of hundreds of ornaments. Designers are on hand for consultations, should shoppers need a little extra help designing a space, deciding on a theme, or even just choosing a wreath, stocking, or ornament.

Because it might take a bit to see and experience everything MCC has to offer (they recommend allowing between two and three hours to shop), MCC offers three on-site dining options: the whimsical Café Twelve 25, the classy The Mantel sports bar, and the casually fun Food Truck Park. Indoor seating is available at both the café and the bar, and there are multiple covered and uncovered spaces to eat, drink, and be merry outdoors.

Café Twelve 25

The Mantel

One of the covered outdoor "living rooms," complete
with couches, a fireplace, and bigscreen televisions.

There are LOTS of photo opportunities,
activities, and games, both inside and out. 

If you and yours are looking for a fun and festive holiday outing, I highly recommend this Christmas extravaganza. Before you go, make a list, check it twice...and then be prepared to buy everything in sight.

Happy holiday shopping!

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