Tuesday, December 19, 2023

All You Need is Love. And Christmas Music.

During my first holiday season of blogging I shared two of my favorite Christmas videos. When my second holiday season of blogging rolled around, I shared the two videos from the first year and included in the post a couple of new favorites so I could easily find all of them when I needed a holiday pick-me-up. During my third holiday season I narrowed down the videos from years past and added a few more, and I did the same thing during my fourth through 12th holiday seasons. I now find myself in my 13th (?!?!) holiday season as a blogger, and it seems important - or at least fun - to keep the tradition alive.

So here they are: the highlights from years past as well as my new (at least to me) favorites from this year. Music videos and flash mobs and even commercials, all in one place, so anyone who needs an emotional or spiritual lift - myself included - can find them when the need arises. 

Happy holidays, friends!

In case you're wondering, my criteria is simple…if the song, performance, or commercial gives me chills, brings tears to my eyes, or makes me laugh out loud, it makes the cut. I'd love to see and listen to your favorite Christmas videos - I'm always growing my playlist - so please send them my way!

Joy to the World: The Petersens
This style of music is secretly (not so much anymore, I suppose) 
my favorite. I have always wished I could play an instrument and 
sing at the same time - spoiler alert: I absolutely cannot do this - 
and I would LOVE to be able to play the fiddle.

What Christmas Means to Me: T.3
These guys are as quirky as they come, but holy cow can they 
harmonize. At the very least, listen to them completely blow it 
out of the water at 0:56. (Also worth checking out is their rendition 

Silent Night: Kelly Clarkson, Tricia Yearwood, and Reba McEntire
Silent Night is actually one of my least favorite Christmas songs, but 
these three powerhouses definitely hit their rendition out of the park.

YouTube won't allow me to embed this video - you can watch/listen to it here.

Little Drummer Boy: For King and Country
I love how this performance is high energy and high 
impact but also committed to the message of the song.

All I Want For Christmas is You: 
Mariah Carey, James Corden, and more...
Who doesn't love listening to this song at Christmas time?!

Hallelujah: Pentatonix
Perhaps the best song - and one of the best versions of it - ever.
The low notes in particular, especially during the fourth verse, 
make me feel like I'm having an out-of-body experience.

YouTube won't allow me to embed this video either - you can watch/listen to it here.

Deck the Halls
My favorite flashmob of all time.

The Christmas Scale
"It's hard to believe that the greatest message the 
world will ever hear is contained in one simple scale."

Angels We Have Heard on High: The Piano Guys
I still get chills every single time I watch/listen to this video.

Once again, YouTube won't allow me to embed this video. Here's the link.

Joy to the World: J. T. Hodges
I first heard J. T. Hodges sing this song in Hallmark's movie "Finding 
Christmas"...and I was relieved to find a video that allows us to listen 
to the song without having to watch the movie. 😉 

I Saw Three Ships: The Piano Guys
This one's for my husband. If you know him, you'll understand; if you don't
I hope someday you will, and that you'll have an opportunity hear him play the 
piano...while wearing a motion- and sound-driven light suit he built from scratch. 

Last but not least, a collection - a few from previous years and a couple new this year - of a few favorite Christmas adverts. While these are technically commercials, they don't feel like it; instead, they feel like tributes to family and friends, and I didn't make it through a single one without free-flowing tears.

Love actually IS all around us…we just have to look for it. On YouTube.

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