Friday, December 8, 2023

High Five for Friday (12.8.23)


I'm not quite ready to dig into last weekend and The Nutcracker, so today will just be a regular (though comprehensive to include the last three weeks) HFFF post. Check back next week for a high five for the Nutcracker post!



We had a lovely - albeit short - Thanksgiving break. I had big plans to relax, sleep, bake, cook, and binge watch the most recent seasons of Only Murders in the Building and Virgin River, and while I did none of these things (except bake and cook for Thankgiving), I loved having a handful of relaxed mornings spent enjoying my coffee by the fire, a few late nights spent playing games with the kids, and watching Tom and Hallie dress our house in its Christmas finest.


We traveled to Arkansas the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and during our two days there we crammed in a three-mile hike at one of our favorite state parks, two rounds of disc golf, (halfway*) celebrating my birthday, and hosting (my mom pretty much runs the show, while my sister and I serve as her sous chefs) Thanksgiving dinner for 20 people. 

My grandma's neighbor has a piglet. 

S/he is very social.

Carter's Lego centerpiece was a huge hit.

Tom brought his light hat, which was also a hit.


Cherry, pumpkin, (butter crumble) apple, and mini pecan. I adore pie.

* I didn't really want to celebrate my birthday in Arkansas, so on my actual birthday we "celebrated Wednesday" instead. Tom, the kids, and I celebrated a few days later, back at home, because all I really want for my birthday every year is for us to decorate the Christmas tree as a family and for the kids to not bicker while doing so. 

My handsome baby under the tree, which he
loves, I think because he feels safe under it.

My pretty girl loves it too, but for different reasons...
She likes to climb until the branches start breaking
beneath her weight, at which point she starts panicking
and knocking all of the ornaments to the ground.


The day after we returned home, we climbed back in the car and headed to Houston to watch our beloved Mr. John - one of Hallie's ballet instructors - perform in a different dance studio's production of The Nutcracker. The girls and their mamas had a great time supporting Mr. John and getting into a Nutcracker mindset ahead of their own production the following week!


High school soccer is underway! Tryouts were held the week after Thanksgiving, and the Lads are now gearing up for what we hope will be another great season with two-a-day workouts and a couple of pre-season scrimmages. #wegoagain


Will and Hallie wrapped up their fine arts semesters with orchestra and choir holiday concerts. I forgot to take pictures or videos, but maybe that's for the best because it means I was truly watching and listening to them.


A bonus high five...this kid finally decided he wanted a letter jacket and it came in a couple of weeks ago. He wouldn't take a normal picture wearing it, so I took a picture of him wearing it while juggling in the living room. 


Happy weekend, friends!

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