Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Monthly Medley: November 2023

It feels like I just shared October's Monthly Medley (because I did just share October's Monthly Medley), so this compilation is a little shorter than - yet just as sweet as - usual. Farewell, November...and welcome, December!



Other than finishing up A Spark of Light at the beginning of the month, I didn't make it through any new books this month. I will, however, still give a recommendation: The Christmas Train by David Balducci. I read it annually and it checks all of the boxes (a little mystery, a little romance, and a lot of Christmas) for this time of year.


I didn't get to binge the most recent seasons of Only Murders in the Building or Virgin River over Thanksgiving Break, so both are on hold until Christmas break. But at the end of the month Hallie and I have started watching our holiday favorites and trying out new holiday movies and television shows!

First up, The Santa Clauses on Disney+. I loved the original film (it's one of my dad's all-time favorites, so we watch it as a larger family every couple of years) and the television series is fun as well. On deck, Family Switch on Netflix - I love Jennifer Garner, and this movie sounds like an updated Freaky Friday with a holiday twist - and Genie, starring the amazing Melissa McCarthy, on Peacock. (We don't currently have Peacock, but I think we're going to buy a streaming subscription as a gift for Will - so he can watch Premiere League games - so hopefully we'll be able to watch Genie a little closer to Christmas.)

Listening To

I listened to the both seasons of It's a Wonderful Lie again, and every episode was as funny the second time around as it was the first. When I finished laughing my way through this podcast, I moved on to 12 Ghosts, about 11 travelers whose paths cross at an inn in the forest on Christmas Eve. I figure 12 Ghosts is acceptable for this time of year, given that it blends Christmas and my usual true crime genre. 😂


For cute laughs, Matt McGlasson (@dr.mattmcglasson), a small animal veterinarian who seems to spend as much time playing with kittens and making kitten Instagram videos as he does caring for small animals (I'm not complaining). For easy, healthy meal prep (and weekly meal plans, if desired), Cassy Joy Garcia (@fedandfit), founder of Fed & Fit.


I wear pretty much only Nutcracker attire in November, and I don't usually buy myself any new clothes during the Christmas spending season. I did, however, get a new Nutcracker apron - made by the sweetest and most talented dancer - that I sported (alternating with my first Nutcracker apron that my friend Casey made for me) last weekend!


I ordered for the first time from Candy Funhouse US, and while I was a little nervous, my package arrived in a very timely fashion and everything I ordered was included and in great shape. They have so many unique and hard-to-find candy options - great finds for stocking stuffers!

I also ordered for the first time from Marvling Bros Ltd. I was enthralled by their In A Matchbox cross stitch kits and mini marshmallow toasting kits, which are just as cute in person as they were online and will also make great stocking stuffers!



This is kind of silly, but this "just add water" pancake mix is AMAZING. My sister used it to make pancakes for my nephew (who's allergic to all the things) on Thanksgiving morning, and none of us could stop eating the pancakes that didn't belong to us.

Also on Thanksgiving, I made this macaroni and cheese recipe. I quadrupled it (#thanksgivingfor20) and because we were a little low on cheddar and didn't have any sour cream, I added 2 T. of cream cheese and a few chunks of Velveeta. It was delicious!


Hope your November was full of reasons to be thankful, and that your December is full of holiday merriment and celebration!

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