Friday, August 4, 2023

High Five for Friday (8.4.23)



Though he wasn't all that excited when he signed up to volunteer - as a counselor - for our school district's Intermediate/Middle School Strings Camp, Will ended up having a blast helping these young orchestra members have a great camp experience. He and his fellow counselors also performed with the students (just a couple of them on each instrument, and in the back of each section) to help fill out the sound and make sure the kids stayed on track during the more difficult sections of each song. Will didn't really understand why we wanted to come watch, but I wouldn't have missed it. 

As I told Tom, Will had better gear up because with only two years left of high school, I plan to attend absolutely everything open to me.  


Instead of taking care of tasks on my time-sensitive and pressing to-do list, I decided to tackle something on my holiday to-do list: making wreaths with Christmas ornaments. Inspired by a picture I saw last year of a wreath made from vintage ornaments, and given that our tree has gotten a little crowded, I decided to make one wreath using the ornaments we have from Tom and my childhoods and one wreath using the ornaments the kids made throughout their preschool and elementary school years. (In addition to freeing up a little space on the tree, the second wreath also helped save these ornaments - a lot of them include foam, pipe cleaners, twigs, etc., and all of those materials attract the attention of our cats and kittens...) I love how they turned out!    

For anyone who's curious, the process was simple. I started with unfinished flat wreath frames from Amazon and painted them both red. I chose twine to hang the the vintage ornament wreath and red and white striped ribbon to hang the kids' ornament wreath, and I tied each onto its wreath before starting assembly. After that, I worked in layers, starting with the larger and flatter ornaments. I placed one layer of ornaments at a time, and when I liked the way it looked, I secured everything in its place with my hot glue gun. I then repeated the process approximately two more times - both wreaths have about three layers of ornaments. At the very end I added a little more glue here and there, just to make sure everything was secure.


It's been another week of World Cup watching at my house. Sadly, my boy doesn't seem all that interested in watching with me right now (I'm hoping that changes now that we're out of the group stage) but I'm watching all of the US games in full as well as all of the game recaps - thank you, Fox Sports - every morning. Let's go, USA!

Four years ago he watched every minute of every game with me. It's hard when they grow up...


We have new babies! Jitterbug and Straw-Ana are from the Andy's Frozen Custard litter (they were found in an Andy's trash can - literally thrown away - when they were brand new), so they're named after Andy's treats. They are delightful, and we're so happy to care for them until it's time for them to transition to their forever homes.

The one in Hallie's arms is Jitterbug and the other one in Straw-Ana.


Fun Friday

Last week Hallie and I spent our Fun Friday watching the new Barbie movie. (Will was at Strings Camp all day and then worked late in the evening.) We both loved it!

The one bummer was that the theater in which we saw the movie didn't have a fun Barbie display in front of which we could have taken photos. We both wore pink and were ready to snap a few pics in a life-size Barbie box or at least in front of a pink Barbie sign!

Happy weekend, friends!

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