Friday, August 11, 2023

High Five for Friday (8.11.23)



Both of my kids have their *high school* (?!?!) schedules in hand and are ready(ish) for this coming school year! I have no pictures of schedule pick-up because 1) Will is too old for pictures of schedule pick-up, 2) I was volunteering while Will was picking up his schedule and therefore otherwise occupied, and 3) Hallie's schedule pick-up took place at freshman Roar Camp, which parents don't attend. I do, however, intend to take pictures - whether they like it or not - on Monday when we walk the halls. (Usually we can walk the halls when we pick up schedules, but our campus has been under construction and wasn't open during schedule pick-up this year.)


Last Friday afternoon Hallie wrapped up her week-long summer ballet intensive with Ashley Laracey. (Ashley is a soloist with the NYC Ballet and often our guest Sugar Plum Fairy for Ballet Brazos' production of The Nutcracker.) Hallie enjoyed her week learning from and dancing with Ms. Ashley, and I enjoyed getting to see how far Hallie has come en pointe since this same intensive last year. For fun, here's Hallie's variation performance last summer, after just a few short months en pointe.


And here's Hallie's variation performance (this year's was a duet) last week.

You've come a long way, baby.

Hallie would want me to mention that, with regard to this year's video, she knows she had a couple of missteps here and there. She'd also want it noted that this choreography intentionally doesn't always match up - there are times when the two dancers aren't together and it's supposed to be that way.




Another shoutout to Ariana Jones Photography - Ari does such wonderful work with our dancers.


I once again have no pictures because #willsaidnopictures, but last weekend Will came in second in a huge tournament in Houston. His finish helped him meet the goal I referred to a few weeks back: he earned enough points to qualify for the PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships. See you next June, Tulsa!

Yes, the Worlds tournament is in Tulsa, OK. I was hoping for somewhere a little more exciting, but I'm certainly excited for Will!


(a) Both Encore (Hallie's ballet company) and Cavalry (Will's soccer club) officially kicked off their 2023-2024 seasons this week. I'm going to miss our comparatively and relatively free evenings and weekends, but I'm excited for what's to come for both of them! 

(b) Because this post hasn't had a lot of photos, let me leave you with these, of my best boy wearing his new (but quickly destroyed) sombrero. 

We forgot last Friday was a Friday (not the first time we've done that this summer), so I don't have a Fun Friday activity on which to report back.


Happy weekend, friends! 

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