Friday, August 25, 2023

High Five for Friday (8.25.23)


To say it's been "a week" (well, really "two weeks") would be a gross understatement. The emotional and mental bandwidth required to make it to today was immense, and while it's possible the rest of the semester may require that same stamina, I'm glad to have a few things behind me and a (hopefully) fun weekend ahead of me.


Ballet Brazos' 12th annual production of The Nutcracker is taking shape! Auditions are complete, our cast list is set, and we have parent meetings, costume fittings, and headshots tomorrow...and tickets go on sale September 1st - I'll share links here next week for anyone who may be interested in joining us for one of our three shows.


Speaking of casting, my girl has roles she honestly couldn't even dream of a year ago. She's thrilled to have been cast in the corps for Snow, Waltz, and Marzipan, and she's also the understudy for the Soldier Doll. I have no pictures of her delight, but there were the happiest tears I think she's ever cried.


These sweet babies are close to moving on to their forever homes. They've been through it (along with their siblings, they were found in a puddle of soapy water in a trash can behind a local restaurant), and I'm so excited for their next chapter.


Happiness Highlights

My parents are cute.

Back out there (in 112 degrees) for
a Cavalry pre-season double header.

Popeye REALLY misses his kids now that they're
back in school. When he's not crying and searching
for them, he's sleeping in Will's room.

His current "comfort spot" is curled up against Will's
bookshelf, which is kind of weird and kind of sweet.

I love it when they hang out together and then
send me pictures of them hanging out together.

Hallie made me a treat. The presentation
is quirky, but the cookies were delicious.

Despite missing the kids during the
day, Popeye loves school mornings.

He adores dining with Hallie, especially
when she chooses Cheerios for breakfast.

Hallie got to hold baby Aiden while Mr. John
demonstrated a combo during class. She loved it,
but later told me she completely missed the combination
because she was so focused on not dropping him. 😂

Listening to him talk about something that excites
him (about anything, really) is the absolute best. 

I heard meowing coming from the backyard and
found Plié waiting at the door of the Mad Science
Laboratory for Tom to let her in. Except he was at
work. She sure does love her daddy...

Will lost one of her discs so he took her disc
shopping and bought her a fun replacement.

Happy weekend, friends!

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