Friday, August 18, 2023

High Five for Friday (8.18.23)


After a crazy dance week last week - four days of Encore choreography, Encore photos, an all-company party, the Assistant Training Program kick-off, and the grand opening of a second studio space - the 23-24 dance year officially kicked off this week. Hallie is excited, and I'm...overwhelmed but trying to be excited. Anyone else a little scared about what this coming year looks like? 😝

Through all of that, I took just one photo.

I am, however, legitimately excited about the return of our dance mom "fun Fridays," which just means we take an hour to decompress at our favorite wine bar during the girls' Friday class.


I couldn't believe I convinced Hallie to attend her high school's Welcome to the Jungle kick-off last Friday night. I think I had more fun than she did, but she liked watching the band, cheerleaders, and drill team perform. (It was 104 degrees outside and this event was held at the stadium. To describe the experience as "hot" would be the understatement of the year.) She's not excited about starting high school, so I'm particularly proud of her for trying (somewhat willingly) new things and taking (baby) steps toward getting involved.


On Saturday morning Hallie and I volunteered - with our mother/daughter service organization - for the Chrissy's Closet Back to School Bash. 

Chrissy's Closet is a free store, the goal of which is to help students, staff members, and families in our school district feel positively about themselves and attending school​ by "providing access to items needed to arrive at school clean, warm, and ready to learn." The store offers new/gently used clothes, shoes, underwear, socks, coats, and personal hygiene items year-round, as well as school supplies and backpacks in August, Halloween costumes in October, and formalwear ahead of school dances in the fall and spring.

I was aware the store existed but had never been inside or volunteered there before; the opportunity to see its impact truly inspired me, and I'm hoping to volunteer there more in the future. 


On Monday afternoon, Hallie and I walked her schedule and took care of the last couple of outlying to-do list items before the kids' first day. (We had hoped Will would be able to guide his on this tour, but a last-minute allergist appointment kept him from being able to join us.) Our high school got a quite the "glow up" this summer (brand new entryway, front office, and principal/counselor/support staff offices plus an updated auditorium and lecture hall), so quite a few things have been moved around and it took us a bit to find the rooms we needed...I'm so glad we had the opportunity to figure things out before the first day!


Speaking of... 😭😍

Yes, Will is wearing BLACK SOCKS with TEAL CROCS. He has two levels of attire, folks: socks with crocs and full suit. There is no in between.

Happy weekend, friends!

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