Friday, February 17, 2023

High Five for Friday (2.17.23)



On Thursday I helped serve hot dog lunches to the majority of the students (there are 2,100+ of them) at Will's high school for Student Appreciation Week. It was exhausting but so fun, especially because I was able to help out with friends!


After wrapping up our hot dog extravaganza, I popped over to the other side of the school to pick up my February flower subscription. The bouquet is beautiful as always, and I was pleasantly surprise to discover that the vase fit perfectly in my new car beverage holder for the drive home!


On Friday I had a wonderful lunch with many of my internet-turned-real friends. (I wrote about how we all "came to be" here.) We tried a new (to me) Korean restaurant - where most of what I tried was delicious - and had a great time talking face-to-face.


On Monday night Hallie and I attended "Welcome to the Jungle" at her soon-to-be high school. She's not excited about leaving middle school - she doesn't want to grow up - but I'm trying to help her realize that growing up isn't all bad. 

Five (A)

It was a rough week for the Lads, but because a handful of you are invested, I feel like I need to keep the weekly updates coming. I'll try my best to put a positive spin on things...

Last Friday night the Lads suffered their first defeat. In soccer (in all sports, really), sometimes things go your way and sometimes they don't; that night the Lads had MANY shots on goal, none of which found the back of the net...our opponents, on the other hand, had less than a handful of shots and two resulted in goals. It was a hard loss, but none of us - Lads or parents - assumed they would end the season undefeated. We hoped that ending their winning streak would allow the Lads to shake off the pressure of maintaining an undefeated record and light a fire under them going forward. 

Then on Tuesday night, the Lads ended their game - which they should have easily won - in a 1-1 tie. It felt as bad as the recent loss, especially because they once again couldn't find the back of the net. (Their only goal was on a penalty kick.) They took more shots than I think I've ever seen taken in a single game, and not a single one dropped. It was extraordinarily frustrating for them (and for me - I fully admit to being far too invested), and they're feeling pretty down right now.

But as their coach always says, #wegoagain...and they go again tonight. We know you can do this, Lads, and we can't wait to watch you play.


The Lads have been enjoying my post-home game baked goods though - on Friday night I went with red velvet cupcakes (perfect, because they look maroon) with cream cheese icing and maroon, silver, and white sprinkles.

Five (B)

On Valentine's Day, I didn't get back into town (from the soccer game) until 9:45pm and Will arrived home about an hour after that. By the time we'd eaten, showered, and worked on his English assignment, it was well after midnight. All that to say, we had to postpone our traditional Valentine's Day treasure hunt until the following night, but 1) Hallie handled the schedule change like a champ (not usually her strong suit), 2) the kids and Tom liked their little gifts, and 3) we all still had fun. Happy Valentine's Day, friends! (And happy birthday to my sister-in-law, Chandi, and happy anniversary to my parents!)

The first clue is always in the lovebug's zipper pouch.

Happy weekend, friends!

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