Tuesday, February 7, 2023

(Wo)Man About Town

According to Google...

"Man about town" = a worldly and socially active man

"Woman about town" = a worldly and social woman who frequents fashionable places

Last Friday I was on the news TWICE, so for the foreseeable future*, I'll be referring to myself as a "woman about town."


On Friday morning, two friends and I met for a cup of coffee and to go over plans for a project we're considering. We chose a new coffee shop and brunch restaurant, at which KBTX News arrived midway through our meeting. 

We're certainly not featured, but at the beginning of the segment the camera pans through the seating area, and there we are, at the table in the back. I'm in the black sweatshirt, with my hair in a messy bun; thankfully the camera doesn't get any closer, as I'd come straight to the coffee shop after finishing my walk and I had hat hair from my fuzzy, warm headband and was wearing very little make-up. (Here's the full news clip.)

On Friday evening, we were where we are every Friday evening at this time of year: watching the Lads play soccer. KBTX showed up to film the Lads as they competed against their cross-town rival, and thus our paths crossed again. We of course weren't featured in this segment either, but since you can see us better, I'm happy I'd showered (and that I was cheering and shaking my light-up tambourine) when they caught me on camera this time. (Here's the full news clip.)

It was surprisingly exciting to see myself on the news, especially twice in one day. But I'm no Woman About Town; I'm not at all worldly, I'm only semi-social, and the only places I frequent - besides coffee shops and the soccer field - are my kids' schools, the dance studio, and Target. So by "the foreseeable future," I really just meant two days. I'm back to Erin - aka soccer mom, dance mom, writer and shuttle driver and PTO volunteer - and that's just fine by me.

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