Tuesday, July 12, 2022

God's Donut, the Sequel

A few years ago I wrote about the night Tom invented - proclaimed? - God's donut. The story is one of our family's favorites, and we retell it or at least refer to this specific kind of donut almost every time we're together.   


My nephew, Carter, just finished third grade. As one of his final assignments of the year, he had to imagine, draw a rendering of, and write about a new kind of...wait for it...donut. So OF COURSE he chose God's donut, and what he created is priceless.

God's Donut

Dear Deb's Donuts -

I want my donut in your shop so I will tell you about my donut. The donut I want in your shop is God's Donut so the price will be $1.99. Sence I have allergens my donut will be dairy and nut free. I have a uncle name Tom and my uncle loves blueberrys and coconut so if you could make a donut that has both he will call it God's Donut. In the inside it will be blueberry and coconut. On the outside blueberry frosting and coconut sprinkills. The ingredenens are blueberry, coconut, and soy milk. Its baking time is 3.00 min. It's very easy to make. What it tast like, it's sweet, savers, smoth, wram, gowey.


The assignment (or the donuts created as part of the assignment) was a competition, and while Carter didn't win and therefore didn't get his donut in Deb's Donut Shop, he and God's donut will always be winners in our family's eyes.

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