Friday, July 1, 2022

High Five for Friday (7.1.22)



After a small/short but painful back injury (we suspect a pinched nerve) that forced him to miss his first two futsal games, Will made it back onto the court for the rest of the month's games. Futsal is fun to watch - and play - because it's fast-paced and high scoring...and because it's played inside, which I REALLY appreciate when the temperatures outside above 100 degrees.


In this game, Will's team ended up ahead by quite a few
goals, so he offered to play in goal so their goalie could
play in the field. It was pretty funny to watch - he yelped
and screamed quite a few times. But he saved this shot!


Will got his disc golf second ace last Saturday! It was such an exciting event and day for him...and for Tom, as Will's 15+ year disc golf mentor. 😉 


There haven't been many USWNT games on television (or played at all) recently, so it's been fun for me that there were two in the last week and are three coming up in the next 10 days. These Olympics-less, World Cup-less summers can be kind of slow, sports viewing-wise...

I did enjoy watching the Aggie baseball team play in the College World Series though!


Last Thursday the kids and I went to Barnes and Noble and Five Below, and then we followed up our shopping with Freezing Cow rolled ice cream. We do this combination of stops once each summer, usually before our trip north so the kids can pick out new books, car activities, snacks, headphones, etc. and while it isn't an extravagant vacation or even an exciting summer outing, it's one of our favorite days. 

I didn't take any pictures (well, I took one that Will doesn't want me to share), but it still happened.

Last Saturday morning, my besties and I went out for coffee/brunch. It was the first time we'd been together all three of us in weeks (thanks to COVID, travel, and very different schedules for our kids' summer activities), and it filled my bucket. Sometimes the best moments and experiences are the simplest, 

I didn't take any pictures here either, but it still happened. It's funny how we feel like we have to photograph something in order to feel like it actually occurred...

This past Tuesday the kids and I went to the library, bowling (sign up for Kids Bowl Free, friends - it's fantastic), and to Target for Starbucks and browsing. Just like our outing at the end of last week, our day was simple yet so much fun. It's not at all lost on me how lucky I am that the kids still (on occasion) enjoy doing things like this with each other and with me.

I did take a few pictures this time, including one Will said I could share!


Happiness Highlights

Asleep with Popeye. (Well, Will's asleep.
Popeye is working on driver's education...)

Asleep with Popeye.


I mean, come ON.

Who is this nearly-adult child of mine who took
my purse and went into Target to pick something up
while I waited in the car for our drive-up order?!

Now that's a little more accurate, at least in my mind. 

Panera somehow gave her every bread
option. She wasn't complaining about it...

Clever girl... 😂

Happy weekend, friends!

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