Friday, July 8, 2022

Flashback Friday (7.8.22)

When my uncle passed away last month, the family went through lots of photos to find good ones of him - from throughout his entire life - for his memorial service. During that process, my parents found lots I wanted to keep and a few I wanted too share.

It's been ages since I've done a Flashback Friday post, but this week seemed like as good a time as any to bring them back - we've had a busy week of preparing to travel and traveling, so this week I'm playing catch up.

To make things simpler, I'll just say now that I'm working left to right when describing who's in each photo.

My dad holding one of my aunts and my
uncle holding my other aunt. (They're twins.)

My uncle, my twin aunts (Jan reminds us of
Lily and Mim reminds us of Hallie) and my dad.

Grandma Hallie (my Hallie's namesake), my aunt Jan, my dad (I
think he looks so MUCH like me and my Hallie here), and my uncle.

My grandpa, my great-grandpa, my dad, and my uncle.

My grandpa, my mom, my dad, and my uncle.

Lots of family members, including me
and my sister...not facing the camera. 😂

My aunt and uncle's wedding - that's me on the far left.
I had the most amazing (troubling?) 1980s bangs EVER.

Me...super photogenic.

Sara...much more photogenic.

Sara LOOKS so much like both of her kids. It's crazy.

My inability to open my eyes for photos started at a young age.

Me and Sara with one of the greatest dogs of all time, Dixie.

Seriously though - if I didn't know that was Sara I
could be easily convinced it was either one of her kids.

Sara was kind of a funny looking baby. 

Happy weekend, friends!

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