Friday, May 27, 2022

High Five for Friday (5.27.22)



Last week Will attended Cavalry Soccer tryouts ahead of what will be his sixth year with the club. On Monday night we found out he made his 06 Black team again, which made him both relieved and happy, and that result marks the end of the tryout/audition season for the Ferris kids, which makes their mama relieved and happy...until it all starts over again in August. 😝


Last Thursday night Hallie and her bestie Kara performed in their middle school talent show. They choreographed their dance and handled all of the details themselves, and they did an amazing job.


Somewhat surprisingly to me, the talent show was a competition, with three guest judges determining the outcome. And wonderfully surprising to me, Hallie and Kara won. My favorite part about the series of pictures below - taken as the winner was announced - is that they never stopped holding hands. They were in this together, and I love that about their relationship.

They were tremendously proud of themselves, and their fantastic cheering section - both sets of parents, Kara's grandparents, two kid friends, and two mom friends - was proud of them as well. 

This wasn't the first time Hallie and Kara performed a dancing duet in a talent seems like just yesterday (except it was three years ago) that they took the stage together in their fourth grade variety show.  

They ended this year's dance with a nod to that dance - and the dancers they were - three years ago. Few people watching would know or notice this, but it felt impactful to me; a lot has changed, but not the joy they feel when they're dancing.

And we had to recreate this picture as well. Sweet Avery, supporting her besties...having come straight from dance. 😂

Avery goes to a different school than Hallie and Kara, which is why she hasn't been in these talent show acts with them.


Swimming season is upon us! (Swimming weather arrived quite a while ago. Swimming season arrives when we actually have time to swim.)

We swam on Saturday with our besties, and then again on Sunday, when we celebrated the (almost) end of the dance year with a company party.


When your 15-year-old son asks if you'll go to the park with him, you literally drop everything you're doing and go. Man, I love spending time with this kid.


A couple of weeks ago my uncle Russ - my dad's older brother - passed away, and last weekend his family and friends celebrated his life. We couldn't attend, but we were with in spirit those who could.

When I was a little kid he was SO MUCH FUN. He wasn't married nor did he have kids back then, and he was good at and seem to really enjoy playing - like really playing, the way only some adults know how - with me and my sister. He was the kind of uncle who let us stay up late and jump on the beds and watch grown up television shows and drink (regular and caffeinated) Pepsi when our parents weren't around, and we thought he was the absolute coolest. I remember that he loved cats, trains, and Pepsi, so it's fitting that his ashes were placed in this, a Pepsi train car.

Rest in peace, Uncle Russ. High five for a life well lived.


Happy weekend, friends!

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