Friday, May 20, 2022

High Five for Friday (5.20.22)

Is anyone else drowning in May? It's a crazy, crazy month for school-aged kids and their parents, as we attempt to navigate the end-of-the-year rehearsals, recitals, concerts, performances, tournaments, graduations, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and banquets. These are all beautiful, important experiences, but there are A LOT of them and only so many hours in the day. Hang in there, friends - the finish line is in sight!


Midway through last week I did something I rarely do - I carved out two the middle of the day...on a have lunch and go swimming (or float around on pool noodles in the swimming pool) with a group of old and new friends. Soon I'll share a bit more about how these lovely ladies and I came to know and befriend one another, because our story is unique and interesting, but for now I'll just share a cute pic. 


PTO responsibilities are wrapping up for the year, and as a thank you for volunteering throughout the last 10 months, the teachers/staff at both of my kids' schools hosted lovely luncheons for us. I thoroughly enjoy this kind of work, even when it's hard and regardless of whether or not anyone throws us a luncheon, and it feels good to close out another good year. (And the luncheons were both delicious and appreciated!)



Tom and I didn't make it to the end-of-the-year orchestra banquet with Will - there were just too many other things going on that night - but he enjoyed getting to spend the evening eating Olive Garden catering and then watching movies with some of his friends. And he didn't spill spaghetti on his suit like he did at the Cavalry banquet! 

Speaking of Will's suit... I was worried he wouldn't get enough use out of it, but I needn't have worried - he's worn the full suit, with different shirts and tie combinations, at least 15 times this semester. Money well spent and a bonus high five!

We did, however, make it to the last choir concert of the year!


Last weekend was one to survive - car shopping, orchestra banquet, two-day soccer tournament in Houston, 13+ hours of dance recital dress rehearsal, and dance photos - but we did it!

Though we (moms) spent much of the day at the
theater as well, first thing in the morning we just
dropped them off...and then went in all alone for
the very first time. It was a strange feeling...

The amazing Shannon Morton capturing
my girl as the sun sets in the background.

Still smiling at the end of their shoot! (I'm sad I didn't get a pic 
of them and Kara at the beginning of their shoot, but I can't wait
to share Shannon's pics of the three of them together very soon!)


Usually the kittens (all the kittens, from this litter and from litters past) sleep with Will, but on Sunday Hallie turned out to be the best napping option for these three. 

The funny thing is that she wasn't asleep - she was faking it, and when they all fell asleep she had to just lay there until they woke back up...never wake a sleeping kitten!


Happy weekend, friends!

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