Friday, May 13, 2022

High Five for Friday (5.13.22)


Sharing a couple of weeks' worth of high fives today, since we dedicated last Friday to mothers...


While Will would not say that it went well, Tom and I enjoyed Will's final orchestra concert of his freshman year.

When Will started orchestra as a fifth grader, I thought for sure he would quit after sixth grade. And when he decided to stick with it in middle school, I thought for sure he would quit after eighth grade. I'm truly surprised - but pleasantly so - that he continues to enjoy playing the cello and plans to stay in orchestra through at least 10th grade. I credit the excellent teachers he's had and currently have with keeping him engaged and interested while also allowing him the flexibility to participate in orchestra alongside the other sports and extracurricular activities he loves.

We of course continued our tradition of eating dinner post-concert at IHOP.

I can't even begin to understand nor can I explain
what's going on with the hair on these two heads.


In between the orchestra concert and dinner at IHOP, Will and I raced across town for the annual Cavalry Soccer banquet. 

At Will's first Cavalry banquet five years ago, he learned that players on each team were chosen to receive a handful of awards: best offensive player, best defensive player, warrior, MVP, and best teammate. That night he told me that someday he would be chosen as best teammate...and in my head I cringed. Because back then, at least on the field (but also in some other areas of his life), Will was bossy and demanding and critical. He saw the soccer field as a giant chess board, his teammates and opponents as the chess pieces, and himself as the player. And because he could visualize every possible play unfolding before it unfolded, he wanted to "move all of the pieces"...and he told everyone what to do, all of the time. Understandably so, this behavior didn't sit well with other players and was, at times, hard to watch.

Thankfully, however, a few of Will's coaches recognized that if he could learn how to combine his understanding of the game and vision on the field with a more positive attitude and tactful approach to communicating with teammates, he could turn his reputation around. They worked with him regularly - before, during, and after practice and games - and at the beginning of this year he had made enough progress to be selected as his team's captain, a role he takes very seriously and one that has allowed him to continue growing on and off the field. 

And then at the banquet, five years after declaring "best teammate" his goal, Will accomplished what he set out to do; his teammates rewarded him for turning bossy and demanding and critical into leadership and chose him to receive that award. 


These three finally have clean bills of health: weight gain, healthy butts, and good looking poops! They're all great snugglers, and when they're ready for adoption they're going to make wonderful additions to families. 



Bourrée is really patient...

Exceptionally patient...

Plié got to study with Will for the first time!

She's the BEST snuggler. Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Exhibit C.

Exhibit D.

Exhibit E.

Exhibit F.

Exhibit G.

Bouree still climbs on backs when he's done eating.

And Adagio still climbs in my lap when he's finished.


My parents were in Texas for a wedding and spent a few days with us beforehand (and my mom popped back in for Mother's Day at the end of their trip). We tackled a couple of small projects, did a little shopping, and dined at a few of their favorite local restaurants while the kids were at school, but otherwise we watched the kids play soccer and dance - no time for big projects this time around! (Apparently we only took pics of them with kittens.) 


Happiness Highlights

Strawberries from our garden!

Disney Day at school.

Will received an award for "Outstanding Achievement
in Science". He did not dress up nor did he brush his hair
prior to receiving his award or shaking hands with his
assistant principal, principal, and superintendent. 

Hallie was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society at
her middle school. Despite coming straight from dance and
going straight back to dance, she did dress up. (She literally
threw a dress on over her leotard.)

Which is why this is the only
picture I have of her with her award.

Waiting on Grandma and Grandpa at the airport late. Older
kids are fun, because they don't have to go to bed early and
can come (and play) with you to/in the airport at 10:30pm. 

Hallie's pointe teacher, Ms. Christi taught class at
39 weeks and four days pregnant. It was amazing.

One last Peter and the Wolf performance!

That's TOM'S head.

And Hallie did mine!

Enjoying the 2022 Bengal Belles Showcase.

And watching my boy's 13th hour at work.
(He arrived at 7:30am...and finished at 9:30pm.)

Hallie and I are SOOOO close to having the same
size feet. Sharing shoes has begun and it's awesome.

Happy weekend, friends!

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