Friday, June 4, 2021

High Five for Friday (6.4.21)


Last week and weekend were whirlwinds (as the last week of school and Memorial Day/recital weekend often are), but we made it through them relatively unscathed and with both fun stories to tell and highlights to share!


Cavalry (Will's soccer club) tryouts were held last week. Night #1 was rained out (much to Will's dismay and disappointment, as he loves to play regardless but LOVES to play in the rain) and night #2 resulted in a hip injury (much to Will's horror and heartbreak, as the pain was so bad he could barely walk and had to sit for the second half of the 90-minute session), but on night #3 he showed up and on Monday night learned that he earned himself a spot on the team he wanted. This is also the team on which he has played for the last three years; because the boys don't necessarily keep their spots - they have to re-earn them each spring for the following August-July year - the process is always a little nerve-wracking. 

Tryout/audition season has come to an end, and we can now enjoy three short months of stress-free bliss before it all starts over again...


Hallie thoroughly enjoyed Studio Spirit Week at her dance studio. Getting to dress up every day is such a fun way to wrap up the season.


Late last week we ordered photos from our second annual traveling photo party, taken by the amazing Shannon Morton of Shannon Morton Photography. Choosing our favorites always feels impossible, and this year was no exception.


Recital(s) #8 for Hallie is in the books! 

What an accomplishment - by these dancers, their teachers, and the studio - to make it to recital at all. The icing on the cake was how smooth this recital (well, these recitals - because of COVID, the studio split what would have been one recital into 11 recitals and for the most part I LOVED the change) went, and how much fun we all had.


Happiness Highlights

I haven't had room for a Happiness Highlights high five in a few weeks, so I have a few weeks' worth of highlights to include!

Imagine my surprise when (while using the bathroom) this sweet face
rose up from the sink. He hides in there during storms, poor buddy.

Tom on the news! Not sure what he was talking about though...

We have a whole series called "Will sleeps with kittens".

Ballet Academy embroidery plus a matching
scrunchie! It only took like 17 tries to find the
right shade of purple...

The administration and staff at Will's school hosted a
LOVELY - and unexpected - lunch for the PTO Board. 

Look at this sweet foursome...

Will sleeps with kittens...on mom.

Hallie and Will, practicing for next year's return of Dad &
Daughter week at dance. (Will subbed in for Tom at a couple
of classes last year and loved it. He's ready to go back.)

We decided that Esme is definitely a "winter". 😉

Our little friend Hudson missed the Cavalry Banquet,
so Will - having helped coach that age group this year -
presented it to him the following week. It was so sweet.

Hallie's getting better!

If I fits, I sits. I can't bring myself to put
this bucket away - he loves it too much.

Girlfriend learned how to use the power washer.

And she did some damage!

With my fellow PTO Board members
(at Will's middle school) - what a year!

Cheers to the Friends reunion special!

Will is rocking his new job, but it's exhausting - this is usually how
we find him within 20 minutes of getting home from a day on the field.

Happy weekend, friends!

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